Welcome to my Blog, RunCucu!!!

 I am so glad you stopped by! I am crazy for running, hence the name!! I have been running since high school. It all started when I needed to lose a few pounds, so my brother and I would run the neighborhood and I just never stopped. I ran all through college to help me not gain the infamous “freshman 15”, ran while I was engaged so I would fit into my dream dress and now I run as a married woman to stay healthy for my myself but also for my husband and future family!!! Most importantly, I run to stay strong and healthy, not skinny. So, here I will share with you how my runs went, recipes that fuel my running, some daily life and hopefully some laughs along the way! I also work full time as an office manager/x-ray tech in a Chiropractic office. I can’t wait to share with you how chiropractic helps my running and daily lifestyle.

Grab a cup of coffee, that is a must and obsession, and join me on this journey we call life! I hope you find something in my blog that encourages you. I love to hear from others so please post any questions or comments you might have and I hope we get to know each other!