Bite the Bullet. . .

I have been talking about starting a blog but I guess I have procrastinated. Well no more of that, at least not with blogging!!! I am so glad you are here with me! I hope what I share in my posts you learn something, get inspired, but most of all just have fun. And I hope I learn something new along this blogging adventure.

So what finally made my decision to blog? My husband. Yup, he helped me finalize my decision, that its time. This is the right time for me. You see, over the next few months, OK maybe more like 18 months, my husband will be studying for his CPA! And can I just stop and express how EXCITED I am for him right now. Oh yes, this means a lot of quietness in the house, library time for him, class room time and a whole lot of studying. He is working full time and studying for his CPA. Can you give him a shout out and cheer him on with me?! I said all that because I now have a lot of time on my hands. Oh don’t you worry, I will now stay busy blogging, running, cooking, meal prepping, working and sharing with you just about life, including my family and best friends!!!

During this phase of life we have entered, I am going to find my rhythm and rhyme and you get to do it with me! I hope you are as excited as I am.

I would love to hear from you about the phase of life you are in. . .any wives out there have a husband studying for his CPA currently or who has been down this road?!?

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