Meal Prep

Lets talk meal prep. . . What’s involved, how to do it and the time you need!

I have really gotten into meal prepping since my hubs stated studying for his CPA. When he walks out the door in the morning for work, I have to make sure that his lunch box is packed with his lunch and dinner(and a love note)!! Yes, I put love notes in his lunch box!! Ladies, SPOIL your man! RememberIMG_1307 as kid how excited you were when you opened your lunch box and found a note from your mom, well don’t let it be a kid thing! Be cool and give your hubby a love note in his lunch box next time you pack it!

Back to meal prepping. . . I sit down on Friday’s and look through my recipes and typically I find the ones that are going to last for a few days in the fridge. I always do some type of meat/chicken or fish, veggies and some type of carb, usually quinoa! I love to shop at Costco for my meats. They have a great variety of organic meats. Yes, its just my husband and I and we shop at Costco!!! We fill our freezer and then I do not have to think about meat for a while. I did just discover Walmart neighborhood grocery and listen its not your typical Walmart, its BETTER!! I do not think I have stepped in a Walmart since college, remember going to Walmart at 2 in the morning, so random!! Well my best friend was telling me that this specific Walmart is only groceries. I walked in and felt like I was in Disney World. STOP, I LOVE grocery shopping. If I could get paid to grocery shop for people that would be my full time job!! I was at Trader Joe’s earlier that day and could not find frozen wild caught Salmon so I decided to look at Walmart for it. I found it and it was only $3.88 for 6 pieces. Organic and wild caught!!! That is my kind of deal.

So I knew this week we would have salmon served over arugula with roasted veggies. That meal would last us a couple days. I am actually a creature of bad habit and could eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Saturday or Sunday I like to go through my fridge and take out all our fruit and veggies, wash and cut everything up. Listen, I am too busy during the week to think healthy. If its not cut and washed I will grab the dark chocolate! So Sunday, I roasted the veggies and broiled the salmon so our salads were ready to go for the beginning of the week. All we had to do was put them all together. Meal prep is the best thing that you could do for yourself and family. As much as I love to cook, cooking at night after work and working out is the last thing I want to do.

It can be a tedious thing. I usually set a side a couple hours on the weekend to meal prep but its SOOOO worth it. Meal prepping also saves you money. You think you would spend more but there was a time in our life that my husband and I were at the grocery almost EVERY night and we would spend so much more because I had no list or though on what we were buying. We would just go in and grab a “few” things and some how spend $30! I have saved so much with meal prepping. Try to meal prep and let me know how its going! I would love to hear your thoughts, concerns or questions about meal prepping!

My new favorite spot. . . Walmart Neighborhood Market  Anyone shopped here yet?download

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