The lucky number 7!!

It’s Friday which means I chose today to do a longer run…I personally think anything over 5 miles is considered a long run!! What do you consider a long run? For some people running just a mile is long to them! And if that’s you, keep going!! You are doing amazing! Don’t give up, it will all be worth it! Your body will thank you. You know, I never take my running for granted…almost every run, whether it’s 2 miles or 13.1, I thank God for the heart, lungs, legs and arms to run. I think so often we take some of the simplest things for granted. Take care of your body. I have not always treated my body right, nutritional wise. But that will be for another blog post later at some point! 

So how did I start out my morning?? It takes a lot for me to eat as soon as I get up. But when I know I have a long run ahead of me, I have to make sure I have eaten right and digested. Since Friday’s are my relaxing days I still somehow get woken up by my hubs to get the espresso going before he leaves the house! But that’s a good thing because it gets me going. I made my personal pot of French press coffee, the best coffee ever, 1 egg and 1 egg white over easy, avocado and purple onion on top of a piece of gluten free Udi’s bread. Yes, I’m gluten free, not by choice, I have Celiac’s disease. Again, I will blog about that at another time! 

I gave myself about 2 hours to digest! I left for the gym and it was already 90 degrees out. Sorry, I can’t run outside when the humidity is at 100%. I jumped on the treadmill and started out! I can run miles as long at the TV is playing something good! I laced up my Asics, yes I’m an Asics girl. I have been running in Asics since high school. I switched one time to try a shoe that was being promoted at a half marathon I did and ended up returning them and getting Asics. I currently run in these… The Kayano 14’s were my 1st pair and I’m now up in the 20’s at 22!! No stopping now. I have bad days and good days as a runner. Today I felt amazing. I felt like the 7 miles were done before I knew it. I probably could have done a few more but I had a play date to get to!! My play date was with an 18 month old that I have the privilege of taking care of a few Friday’s a month. I love when I am done with my run and my watch gives me fun messages!!! 

So you know after a long run I’m starving. This is where I have to be careful and drink plenty of water and eat sensibly otherwise I will eat anything I look at!! I ate some watermelon to help me get my water intake in and some natural sugar. I threw this salad together and it hit the spot! Got my greens, protein from the turkey and some veggies! 

I consider myself a foodie, different blog, different time, so of course all afternoon all I could think about was what I was going to make for dinner! I made my hubby a special dinner so he could eat while studying… Chicken cutlets and mashed potatoes!! True Italiano right there, with the chicken cutlets not the potatoes!! Haha! I knew I needed to have protein tonight. I crave protein like crazy after a long run. So I had bbq chicken with lots of veggies. Quick and easy meal and kept it healthy!! These veggies are the best!! We buy a big bag of the stir fry at Costco and they come frozen so they are quick and easy to throw in the wok! 

So that brings me to now… I sit here at the coffee shop and blog away! I told you in my 1st entry blog that our house has to be quiet. So many nights I leave so I’m not tempted to talk my husbands ear off!! Instead, I get to talk yours off. Thanks for joining me. 

Any fun weekend plans? Whose running? How many miles? 

2 thoughts on “The lucky number 7!!

  1. MaryJo Acosta says:

    Love it! No plans for the weekend, because ours starts on Monday 🙂 haha. Not doing any running, but getting back in to crossfire type work outs. I did one today 10 round 10 Mountain Climbers and 10 Air squats. Feels great to get back in to working out. Can’t wait to read the next one!!


    • runcucu says:

      As a new mom, I’m so happy for you!! I am sure it’s hard to figure out a work out schedule with a new baby!! Keep it up so you can chase after Logan!!!


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