Run Like a Girl!!!


Hello!!! Well, it has been a full week since we last met up! A few runs happened, some good meals were prepared and just over all life took place! So each week I will be blogging from somewhere different. Tonight it’s storming out so I decided to stay home. Yes, I am “allowed” home once in a while, while the hubs is studying!! In all honesty, I am just a big distraction.   I can’t stay quiet! I know that is not a huge surprise. HAHA! So let’s cut to the chase and talk about the double digit run. That just sounds better than saying I ran 10 miles. It has been a while since my last 10 mile run, it probably has been a few months. Let’s go back to my shorter runs from earlier this week real quick. I usually keep my week runs shorter, anywhere between 3-6 miles. Because in all honesty, who wants to work all day and then go and work out? It’s a daily struggle even for someone who loves to run and stay fit. You see, with my job, I am on my feet ALL day. When I say all day, I mean it. It’s better for your posture and even with the most comfy shoes, yes I wear Asics for work too, all I want to do some nights is go home and put my feet up. Well, I did just that on Tues and Thurs this past week. So I did 2 four mile runs and then the 10 miles today. Looking back at my time today, I am glad I took the 2 days off. For once, I listened to my body. I am not always good at that but I am getting better. Speaking of listening to the body, I was so happy with my time today and my splits. I brought honey packets (home-made ones I made) with me today and ended up taking both of them. And because I did I that I realized my timing was awesome and I was able to run a little faster. My total time was a little over 9 minute miles, I will take that! I remember when my miles were 13 minute miles. I took a honey packet around 5 1/2 miles and got a burst of energy for a couple miles. By mile 8 1/2 I didn’t know if I wanted to crawl, sprint or die!! I slowed it down just a little and finished strong and took that last honey packet at mile 10. Working out is hard. It takes a lot to put one foot in front of the other but do it. You do not have to be a runner. I know many people who find joy in cycling, cross fit, walking, swimming and other activities and I love that. It’s all about keeping your body strong and healthy. I take joy when someone shares with me what they did for physical activity. Keep it up!

And by the way, I will never use the word skinny on here. . .because I do not believe in working out to be skinny. I work out so I can enjoy food. I use to have a bad relationship with food. And when I learned that food was good for you and wrapped my mind around the fact that my body needed it to stay healthy and energetic, I discovered how to properly prepare meals so it would be good for my body. Now I am not saying I always eat carrots and hummus but if I want pizza I have it. If I want a cupcake I have it. Oh my, we live within walking distance of a cupcake shop and they have gluten free, talk about DANGEROUS!!! But I do not have these things every day. Over the years, I have learned what my body really needs for nutrients and it has really payed off.

So let’s talk about some food I made this past week, take out and my 1st visit to the beer gardens! We have some really dear friends just move here from Germany! So my hubby went home to study and I joined them for German food and a beer!!! Yes, I had a beer. I would probably say it was a little girly but delicious! It was a light beer mixed with Fresca. Thank you guys for letting me be the third wheel(there will be many months of this)!! What’s that saying, “Pay now, play later”!

So after having some fun on Sunday afternoon, I came home and meal prepped. This time I tried meal prepping breakfast for the week. Needless to say, it was fabulous!!! Each morning, I did not have to think about what was for breakfast or if I was going to have time to make eggs. Yes, I have eggs almost every morning. So I made egg white and chicken sausage wraps for the week. I stuck them in the fridge and each morning just pulled one out, warmed it up and voila!!!


Then things got real in the kitchen…see when the hubs wants a home cooked meal I got it all covered! Lamb was on the menu!! I took 8 lamb chops and marinated them in olive oil, pink Himalayan salt, fresh rosemary and thyme and garlic. Thanks Giada for a great marinade.

A little more meal prep for week…stuffed Bella mushrooms and tacos. I made one meal and got 2 different meals out of it. This is such an easy meal. I sautéed onions and garlic and added ground turkey, can of diced tomatoes, kale and quinoa. I stuffed the mushrooms and had leftover filling so filled up some corn tortillas. I baked the mushrooms for about 20 minutes and the tacos for about 15 minutes. These were so delicious!! Even my husband loved them with the kale! I snuck it in there!!!


As much as I love cooking and being in the kitchen there are those times when someone else cooks for you it’s like a breath of fresh air!! So on Thursday night we let someone else cook for us…it’s called take out!!! We ordered from Viva Chicken, Peruvian chicken restaurant and its amazing. We ordered the Peruvian rice and chicken stuffed avocados and yes we ate on paper plates! Hey don’t judge me because I didn’t take the fine china out for this meal! image

Here are my home made honey packets I made for my run today!!  I just bit a tiny hole in the corner and sucked the honey right out!

Have a beautiful weekend! Any fun activities planned?

See you all next week! Thank you for reading and cheering me on! I appreciate each one of my followers!!!

4 thoughts on “Run Like a Girl!!!

  1. Kristy says:

    Awesome Job! I laugh when you talk about the old days of you doing a 13 minute mile…my mile is longer than that! But I’m just a walker. During workouts I dream about becoming a running one day. Seriously, that would be a miracle in itself! What kind of chicken sausage do you get? I just bought the Aidells brand which is all natural with no fillers. But the calorie/fat content seemed a little high.But it’s low in sugars and high in protein which is what I want for a breakfast food. Do you even consider that when choosing foods/recipes or do you just focus on the gluten free/nutrient dense aspect?


    • runcucu says:

      Good morning Kristy!! Loved hearing from you:-) Keep up your walking and maybe add a little jogging in there for a couple minutes! And if you just love walking then just do that. Anything to get your heart rate up is great! I am sure chasing Jacob around is a work out in itself!!! For breakfast sausage I buy the Al Fresco or Applegate, whatever is on sale. In the Al Fresco there is 2.5 g of fat and 60 Cals and 6 protein in one link. I do find the Aidells a little higher in fat. But if that is my fat for lunch or dinner then I try to pair a bunch of veggies with it and skip the roll. I go back and forth with using my fitness pal. If I feel like I need to tighten things up a little I will focus on my fat/calories for a few weeks until I feel like I am back on track. Otherwise, I just try and keep track on a daily basis in my head!!! Hope this helps:-)


  2. Kristy says:

    Ok Good to know! I will check out those brands once I finish what I bought. I paired the sausage today with a fiber one english muffin. Which I love. They are 100 calories, 1 gram of fat, 6 grams of dietary fiber, and 5 grams of protein. So paired with the sausage that had like 12 grams of protein, it balanced pretty well. Being a diabetic, I’m supposed to focus more on increasing the fiber and protein, and lowering the bad carbs. It all works well when I’m focused.So trying to get back on track! Thanks for your motivating blogs!!


    • runcucu says:

      Do you have a Costco membership?? There are some great ones there that I love! Low in fat but so yummy! Do you like eggs? Those are my go to for great protein! You got this!!!!!


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