Life is Sweet!!


Life is pretty sweet when you end your running week with 28 miles behind you! This was such a great week of logging miles and getting stronger. After my 10 miles last weekend, my 1st run back on Sunday felt like a walk in the park. I kept the miles slow and short. You do not know how badly I wanted to skip a few days of running. But I knew just doing a couple days of shorter miles would be good for me. Talk about taking time off, I did take ONE day off this week and there were a few nights that it was like pulling teeth to leave work and go to the gym. I found that if I change at the office, I am more determined to get in my car and go. I mean come on, my hubby would find it fishy if I came home in my gym clothes and I was not drenched in sweat!!! I did take Monday off and knew my body needed that to keep going the rest of the week. I did mix it up this week and added the stair climber in a couple nights!! I do not know about you but I am in pretty decent shape and when I hit the stairs, I feel like I have never worked out before! I am sure I look like I need 911 on speed dial when I am on there.

Talking about stairs. . . Did you know the Empire State Building has 1,576 stairs which is 86 flights. I have on my bucket list to compete in the Run-Up. Yes, you race people to the top!! Did you also know, my hubby proposed to me on top of the Empire State Building?! I know he is sooooo romantic! With that diamond ring on my finger and all the adrenalin that was going through my body after I said “YES”, I probably could have run those stairs!! HAHA! So, if you need a change of pace or need to get some exercise in, take the stairs!!! image

So after running 10 miles last Friday, I think my body stayed hungry for at least 48 hours. I nourished it well and on Sunday, my friends invited me out for some pizza. Oh this was not just pizza, this was pizza from Italy! If you have ever been to Italy and had their pizza, you know it’s like none other. There is something about it that’s amazing. When I say this was pizza from Italy, I truly mean it! There is a new place in town and they have their flour shipped from Italy. It’s all Italian and it’s not cross-contaminated with American flour. I say all that because this is the 1st time in over 6 years that I was able to eat “regular” (non-gluten free) pizza. See, when we went to Italy the 1st time, Vin and I were both nervous about how I would eat. EVERYTHING is bread, pizza and pasta and of course, pastries! But everything I read said the flour there is so different from the flour in America. We were still so nervous for me to try it. So the 1st couple days I stayed really strict but by the end of trip, I gave in. I knew it wouldn’t kill me but I also knew we had a 10 hour plane ride, if you know what I mean!! Surprisingly, I took that 1st bite and I thought I died and went to heaven!! I continued eating the pizza and had no problems. We left Italy and I said, when are we going back? I need to eat my way through next time. And yup, you guessed it, the next time we went, I ate from the minute we landed to the minute we left!! Back to the pizza here, Oh I could talk about Italy for days:-) So, again I talked to the chef here and explained to him I had Celiac’s. He said he had people eat there with a gluten intolerance and not have a problem. So, I am all about taking chances, so I thought, well let’s do it! Needless to say, 4, yes FOUR, pieces later I was fine!! I told you food makes me excited!!


A little taste of Italy, right here!! Makes my heart so happy! And this is why I had to take Monday off, I think I ate too much but oh was it good!! if you come for a visit, don’t worry we will go!!! Well, while we are talking about food, let’s talk about the meals I prepped for the past week! I got 2 ideas from others this week as to what to make. My best friend posted a link on some breakfast eggs that I knew I had to make.


Sautéed olive oil with onion and garlic and added a bag of spinach until wilted. Put the spinach mixture as the base, in each little cup, sprinkled a little Parmesan cheese and cracked an egg on top of each one. Baked them at 375 for about 15 min. These were so good and perfect for the week.

Taco Bake: It’s literally a taco in a pan! So easy and layers of goodness. This recipe came from my sister in law. I like this recipe because you can really add what you want to it. This is how it goes: brown your meat, I used ground turkey, once it’s brown, add a cup or 2 of salsa. I used a garlic and tomato salsa (Aldi’s has a great selection of salsa’s). Place tortilla chips in the bottom of the pan, layer your meat, raw peppers and onions, olives, tomatoes, sour cream ( I used light) and cheese. This literally is all layered and baked at 350 for about 20 min. You pull it out of the oven and dinner is ready. This whole thing took me 20 minutes to throw together. And we ate it for days!!!



Who doesn’t love a one pot meal?! Less dishes!!!! Click on the link above for the recipe!!! It was a hit and my hubby loved this one!

Phew, I love when the weekends come because I know someone else gets to cook for us!!! This weekend we tried a Chinese/Sushi restaurant. We do not dine out much these days, we will have plenty of time to do that in 18 months, so I went and picked it up!!! Had some great sushi and the hubs had Chinese!!


Can we talk about 2 random things right now?? Curly hair and bathing suits. Sorry to the guys that are reading this, it probably will not cater to your needs but let me tell you about this curly hair product I am using. Listen, it’s so good my hubby even commented on how he loved my curls today!!!! BINGO! Every curly-haired woman needs to use this. . . It will change your life and your curls!! Thank you Deva Curl for making such amazing products!!!


Second thing we need to talk about is the pool! I live at the pool these days. On Friday’s, I take care of a precious 18 month old and I get to take her to the pool. Oh no, I do not just sit there, I am in that water with her and she is all over me!! We have so much fun on our pool dates. I knew I needed a bathing suit that would be modest and durable enough for when she is pulling on me!!! So, I invested in this tankini. If you are a lady who is done wearing the Itsy Bitsy, Teenie Weenie, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini or even if your not, you need this tankini in your summer wardrobe! I am so picky when it comes to bathing suits. I am 31 and still want to look stylish but modest when I am around others. Get this. . .

Again, thank you to this company who thinks modesty should still be stylish!!!

I hope you are having a great weekend so far! Any big plans?? Tell me!!! I want to live vicariously through you! Although, my life is still very exiting during this 18 month period!! I would never let boredom set in:-) Thanks for stopping in to read!


2 thoughts on “Life is Sweet!!

  1. Debra says:

    This was a great post they all are of course if I may say so the proud mama i am💜💜.you did not get your love for exercise from your parents!! Maybe grandparents lol!!!. I love the food pictures of course!!! Keep them coming xxxooo mom!!


    • runcucu says:

      Thanks mom!! Thank you for cheering me on! I may not have gotten my love of exercise from you and dad but you have supported me at every race! I sure did get my love of cooking from you!!!


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