Good-Bye July!!!!

Can someone please tell me where July went?? I think I say that at the end of every month! And the older I get the quicker time goes by. Sometimes I just want to rewind to when I was a kid and everyday felt like an eternity! Can we have those times back?!! But a lot of good things have happened in July. . . I started my blog, kicked up my running, hubs started his CPA prep and I really got into meal prepping!

So lets talk the miles I ran. .  Instead of telling you how my week went, I am going to tell you that my month ended with 85.71 miles run!!! That is EIGHTY-FIVE miles!! I am not sure I have ever run that many miles in 1 month. I did 17 runs and put in about 750 minutes for the month!! And let’s not talk about all the calories I burned!! Do not worry, I never have a problem eating my calories back. I come to the end of the month and feel just so good. I feel healthy and strong. The motivation behind all this is really my husband. I see how dedicated he is every night and the long hours he puts in on the weekends with studying, honestly, makes me run more! If he can work full time and then dedicate so many hours to studying to accomplish his goals, I can run a few miles everyday. He is cheering me on without even knowing it!! Something fun I did this past week was run virtually! So what exactly does that mean?? My cousin turned 40 and she was trying to run 40 miles before the big 4-0 so she asked who wanted to run with her to finish her last few miles she had, of course I did it!!

Can I please tell you right now how HOT it has been this past month, like 100 degrees hot and the humidity at 100%. That just wants to make you stay inside all day, every day. Today it was 90 and I thought, WOW it’s pretty nice out!! HAHA! I am ready for some cooler days! But with that being said, it’s so hard to go grocery shopping in this weather. I melt the minute I walk out the door, never mind trying to keep the groceries from spoiling. And I go to multiple grocery stores so I have to be prepared. I take the Trader Joe’s insulated bags with me and pack them with my freezer packs and stash all my perishables in there so I can trot around and not have to worry about anything going bad!!! Off I go!!



I prepared a couple great meals this week! I started the week by dicing up a ton of sweet potatoes, I think I can eat these like chips. I just dice them up, throw some coconut oil on them and whatever seasoning I am in the mood for. Sometimes I like them sweet and savory and other times I like them just savory. I just open my spice drawer and season away! By the way, Pensey Spices are my all time favorite spices. They have every spice you can imagine!!



Since I already was roasting my sweet potatoes and I went ahead threw together this amazing cauliflower salad!! It was so good I ate it for 3 days, notice how I said “I”!!!! Yeah, my hubby did not touch this one. It was filled with such great favors. The only thing I did different, I used chicken sausage and a kale mix that I love from Costco!!




And these fish tacos were another hit!! I bought the frozen, wild caught Mahi Mahi from Trader Joes. I made some broccoli slaw with a refreshing avocado dressing, that I made with plain, Greek yogurt. And I put them together just like this!!!img_1445





I told you I have no problem eating back my calories!!!! I think I did a pretty good job at it this past week. And this morning I was so excited to end July with so many miles under my belt, so I made some gluten free blueberry corn muffins!!! Live G Free brand comes from Aldi’s and their mixes are so good! Love me some Aldi’s!!!!


I was so excited to just sit and relax during my mani/pedi that I asked my nail tech to just leave me and let my feet enjoy every minute!! She left me for 25 minutes before she starting doing my feet!!!!

And what’s better than some matching toes and fingers?!
See you all in August!!!!! It’s my birthday month and Dunkin Donuts comes out with their PUMPKIN coffee!!!!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Good-Bye July!!!!

  1. Debra says:

    Another great read!!! I admire your determination to run that many miles to say the least. Whew I’m exhausted… The cauliflower salad looks great. Aldi,s has a great Kale salad mix too !! Keep blogging on. Xxx OOO Mom.

    Liked by 1 person

    • runcucu says:

      Mom! You and dad can use your new walking sticks on a walk with me…hurry down;-) I’ll have to see if our Aldi’s had that mix!!! Thank you for the constant encouragement!!! Love you Xo!


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