Miles and Massages!!!

The birthday week is over and I admit it. . . I ate cake all week!!!!! It is not fun eating cake all week and trying to run hard and long!! It’s a very good thing that birthdays only come once a year! It was a beautiful day filled with love and laughter and a beautiful dinner with my hubs! I was completely spoiled and loved on! The celebrating lasted all week and it commenced on Saturday with a fabulous massage. That was one of the things I requested for my 32nd birthday! I knew after hitting 100 miles on Friday, my body would thank me. And when I say I went for a massage, I did not go for one of these relaxing ones. I went for a DEEP tissue. I might have tried to hit the massage therapist a couple times! But it was much needed and I feel like I could go run another 100 miles! Well, August is not finished yet and I am still going strong! I am currently at 106 miles. Thank you so much for all your support and cheering me on. This has been such an incredible goal I have been able to achieve! A lot of blood(literally), sweat and tears went into these miles!!!!

Needless to say, not only did I eat cake all week, I did not cook much!!! Hey it happens and you just roll with it. We had leftovers from my sister n law, thank God and we had leftovers from my birthday dinner and we may or may not have eaten cake for one of our other dinners one night!!! Towards the end of the week, we were craving something healthy! So I threw together this Greek salad, we are addicted to it! And I made some chicken to throw in there for some extra protein! I also made a one pot wonder, love those! It was Texas hash. Those one pot wonders are some of my favorites because it’s all done in one pot, which means only ONE dish to wash!!!

And then you know I made time for some cookies! These are gluten free and filled with oats and raisins!! And I added a few chocolate chips to my hubby’s! And now you know why I have to RUN!!!!


After my run on Saturday and before my massage, I went and met a friend at the cutest little place called “The Mayob bird”. It was a relaxing time to chat and eat!


So if you follow me on social media you saw that I was interviewed by the Novant health Charlotte Marathon! This was such an amazing opportunity! I was able to share with them my goals and determination for August and they featured me! I have never been part of anything like this! Thank you again to them and this opportunity!! In case you missed it. . .

I hope you have a fabulous week! Happy Monday!!!!

Any big plans for Labor Day?? Stay tuned for mine. . . It involves my best friends, babies, husbands, a lake and a boat and just a whole lot of fun!!!!

Recipe Links:

Texas Hash

Greek Cucumber and Arugula Salad

And to find the recipe for the cookies, go to Trader Joes and but their bag of GF oats and it’s on the back!!! I promise you will not be disappointed!



Birthday weekend!!!

I hope I never outgrow the love of birthdays!! I love celebrating them and I love making a big deal out of them, with balloons, cake and presents!! It’s just a fun time, so with that being said, we have a birthday to celebrate this weekend, well really on Monday!!!!  Come along and celebrate with me!!  ITS MY BIRTHDAY! So far, I got 2 awesome runs in, went to a bagel shop and was actually able to order a gluten free bagel, had my nails done and yes, my toes match my finger nails(my husband loves it) and now I am sitting at THE CUTEST coffee shop, waiting for my sweet friend to arrive and join me!! You know my addiction with coffee, so the cuter the coffer shop the better the coffee!


This past week was an amazing week of miles! I felt great and my legs worked just right! I finished the week at 30.76 miles. I have been keeping it pretty consistent with 30 mile weeks. Oh my goodness, I just calculated my miles for the month so far and I feel like I need to go out and run .2 miles right now. What would you think if you saw me running down the sidewalk in a dress and sandals?!?!  Hey, when you are a runner you will do anything to get those miles in. I say that because I am at 89.98 miles for the month!!!! I think it’s safe to say, I will meet my goal and dream for August!! See you at 100 miles!


You know the banana bread that I made last week, the 5 ingredient one?? Well, I made it again!! I have never been more addicted to a banana bread until I met and made this one!!!! This time instead of putting the bananas on top, I snuck in a few chocolate chips! My hubby couldn’t believe that this was made with oats and no flour!! He is sold on it too! So in case you forgot what it looked like, here it is again!! Make it!


This past week I did not get to the grocery but that was ok. I literally went into the fridge, freezer and pantry to gather my ingredients to see what I could throw together for the week! I bet you have more food in your house then you really think. Remember, some of the best meals are your easiest meals. So, for the 1st meal I did stir fry and added some kale to it. I buy the big bag of stir fry veggies from Costco and keep them in the freezer for a quick side. I had some frozen kale so I threw that in. After my pasta was cooked, I just tossed everything together. I made my own stir fry sauce with a little honey and soy sauce. Then I got fancy and made a yummy shrimp dish with the best rice I found at Costco. I do love Costco! And they are carrying more and more GF and organic items. I TRY my hardest to stick to my list but my shopping cart led me astray and I found a whole section of organic items. Now, I am not big on buying pre-made things but let’s be honest, it’s VERY convenient sometimes. So, I did it. I bought this rice and I am so glad I did. It’s pre-made and you can either microwave it or throw it in a boiling pot of water and within a few minutes it’s ready to eat! The shrimp dish was served with this rice. image



Finally, I went to the grocery! It’s always bad when you skip a week because then you need EVERYTHING!! I actually stuck to my list and was able to get all my groceries at ONE store for this up and coming week. You know I love to grocery shop so the more grocery stores I get to go to the better!!! But I hit up Aldi’s and got everything on my list! LOVE that store more and more. Hey, if it costs me a quarter to get a cart (you get it back when you put your cart back) and I have to bring my own bags and bag my own groceries, it’s worth it because it keeps their cost down. They really do have a great natural/organic and GF selection! Love when I can walk out of there with a cart full for under $60!


You know with all that I will have some great recipes for next week!! I already have today and tomorrow’s meal done. I have short ribs cooking away in the crock pot and I made some mashed carrot and sweet potatoes! I licked the spoon this morning and they are delicious! Don’t miss the recipe next week.

Well, it’s time to go and continue on with my birthday celebrations!!!!! Next week when we meet, I will be another year older!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed!

Do you like to celebrate birthdays?? Do you shop at Aldi’s?? If not, where is your favorite store to shop?


Recipe link:

Shrimp Creole Recipe



Over half way there!!!

If you read my blog from last week you would know that I am on my way to running 100 miles in August. I am happy to report that we are 2 weeks in and I am over half way there. While my husband studies his brains out and has more on his plate than I could ever imagine, I am over here stressing whether I am going to make it to 100!!! And then I get that text in the middle of a long run and guess who it is?!?! Yup, my future CPA just cheering me on! He is the BEST!!!

Well it only seems fit to write this blog while watching. . . image

Their over all stamina, energy, and power in their legs is incredible! I am watching them and these are guys who are running half marathons under 1 hour and I am sitting here thinking, hmmm my goal is to get a 1/2 marathon just under 2 hours!!! They are on their final lap and part of me feels guilty for just sitting here with a cup of coffee in my hand just watching them!! HAHA!  And Farah wins the gold. If there was one question I could ask him, it would be this. . . “How do you recover so quickly after your runs”?? I ask that because this past week I had such a hard recovery between each run. I have never felt like my recovery was that hard. I am thinking with all these miles I am now logging, my body is freaking out!!! It’s like, girl you have never done this before, what are you thinking?!!!! HA! After seeing cupping marks on the Olympians, I am thinking I need to start having that done on my legs! But as hard as it was to hit each mile and reach my weekly goal of 30 miles, I did it! I pushed through. I traded in my honey packets for jelly beans for my long run today  and they hit the spot! I think I could get use to eating these for my fuel!!! image

If you were excited for the recipes that I said I was going to make last week, I am sorry I kind of went astray from those 3 meals. We did a little grilling and that hit the spot. Also, we got spoiled with eating some salmon straight from the waters of Alaska! The chicken I grilled with some bbq sauce and the salmon I covered in pesto and broiled it. Some times the simple meals are the best!

These 2 meals that I made at the beginning of the week will definitely be repeats at some point, maybe when we have some company! Speaking of company, I have some amazing visitors coming in October and one of those visitors is one of my biggest fans, my MOM!!!!! YAYAYAYA!!! Along with her, a very dear to my heart and special friend of the families and then my fabulous Aunt and wonderful cousin! October will be exciting!


The pad thai was made with all veggie with the traditional peanut butter sauce! I am addicted to this broccoli slaw and this is what the dish is made with. I threw in some boneless chicken and some bigger pieces of broccoli. I will be making this often!


Skinny Stir-Fry with Peanut Sauce

The 100 mile Journey!!

Happy August!!! Hope the month has started off well for you. I have to say the 1st week started off slow in our house. I just could not get in the mood for August, maybe because July was so hot!!! I had every intention to start August 1st off with a great run and to be well on my way to 100 miles. But I left work at 6:45 pm and I skipped the gym. I loved just going home to relax but honestly I was more tired from not working out. I knew the rest of the week would be better and it was! Let’s just say, I am well on my way to 100 miles for August!!! I set a goal for August to run 100 miles. Follow me and cheer me on! I finished this week with 30.32 miles under my belt! Hey, every last mile counts!! I loved watching the Olympics today as I finished up my week. I watched cycling and swimming. The dedication these athletes have, I think made me run faster! Anyone watching the Olympics? What is your favorite part to watch??

So, to celebrate my week and my August goal, we had some pizza last night!!


With just coming off of the heat wave, I really didn’t even feel like cooking. So, what did we eat?? Ummmm, please don’t judge but I think we had PB&J one night and cereal another night! HAHA! Hey, I told you I am not perfect and I am just keeping it real! But I did clean up my act a little and threw together some stir fry. Oh and can we talk about the chicken that’s on that stir fry for a second?!? The BEST chicken I have made. I marinaded it in a home-made honey Dijon marinade for 24 hours and we ate it all week. We had salads for lunch every day and we threw that on every salad!! You have to make it and I will definitely be making it again, very soon!


Toward the end of the week it started to cool off and I made this banana bread. With only 5 ingredients and gluten free, this is probably one of the yummiest and most moist breads I have made in a long time! There is no flour which I love. Five ingredients: oats, eggs, pure maple syrup, bananas and baking soda. It literally took me 10 minutes to whip up and only bakes for 25 minutes! Make it. You will not be disappointed!! And when there is no time to cook, there is always time to bake!!





Want to hear some exciting news?!?! Well, you have to wait a few weeks! But let’s just say it involves my running and an amazing opportunity I have been given! I can’t wait to share it with you! And I promise to have some yummy recipes for you next week!





Re-fueled at Costco!!! I sampled as I shopped and gained a little extra energy!!

Meal prep is under way and next’s weeks menu is:

Moroccan style chickpea salad w/ quinoa

Cashew chicken quinoa bake

Shrimp Creole w/ brown rice and kale


Thanks for coming and hanging with me for a few! Have a great rest of your weekend and an awesome week!! See you all next weekend!!!!