The 100 mile Journey!!

Happy August!!! Hope the month has started off well for you. I have to say the 1st week started off slow in our house. I just could not get in the mood for August, maybe because July was so hot!!! I had every intention to start August 1st off with a great run and to be well on my way to 100 miles. But I left work at 6:45 pm and I skipped the gym. I loved just going home to relax but honestly I was more tired from not working out. I knew the rest of the week would be better and it was! Let’s just say, I am well on my way to 100 miles for August!!! I set a goal for August to run 100 miles. Follow me and cheer me on! I finished this week with 30.32 miles under my belt! Hey, every last mile counts!! I loved watching the Olympics today as I finished up my week. I watched cycling and swimming. The dedication these athletes have, I think made me run faster! Anyone watching the Olympics? What is your favorite part to watch??

So, to celebrate my week and my August goal, we had some pizza last night!!


With just coming off of the heat wave, I really didn’t even feel like cooking. So, what did we eat?? Ummmm, please don’t judge but I think we had PB&J one night and cereal another night! HAHA! Hey, I told you I am not perfect and I am just keeping it real! But I did clean up my act a little and threw together some stir fry. Oh and can we talk about the chicken that’s on that stir fry for a second?!? The BEST chicken I have made. I marinaded it in a home-made honey Dijon marinade for 24 hours and we ate it all week. We had salads for lunch every day and we threw that on every salad!! You have to make it and I will definitely be making it again, very soon!


Toward the end of the week it started to cool off and I made this banana bread. With only 5 ingredients and gluten free, this is probably one of the yummiest and most moist breads I have made in a long time! There is no flour which I love. Five ingredients: oats, eggs, pure maple syrup, bananas and baking soda. It literally took me 10 minutes to whip up and only bakes for 25 minutes! Make it. You will not be disappointed!! And when there is no time to cook, there is always time to bake!!





Want to hear some exciting news?!?! Well, you have to wait a few weeks! But let’s just say it involves my running and an amazing opportunity I have been given! I can’t wait to share it with you! And I promise to have some yummy recipes for you next week!





Re-fueled at Costco!!! I sampled as I shopped and gained a little extra energy!!

Meal prep is under way and next’s weeks menu is:

Moroccan style chickpea salad w/ quinoa

Cashew chicken quinoa bake

Shrimp Creole w/ brown rice and kale


Thanks for coming and hanging with me for a few! Have a great rest of your weekend and an awesome week!! See you all next weekend!!!!

3 thoughts on “The 100 mile Journey!!

  1. Kristy says:

    OK so here is my question..regarding meal prep and leftovers. I noticed you mentioned you made up the chicken and you guys ate off it all week. I have this weird thing where I feel like once you cook food, it is only good for 1 or 2 days. You don’t have any issues with cooking food and having it 4 or 5 days later? I know it seems like a silly question, but I always think of that when I see people meal prepping for 7 days.


    • runcucu says:

      Hi Kristy! It all depends on what the food is I am making. Most food, once cooked, will stay good for about 4-5 days. I get really nutty when it come to uncooked food. I do not want it sitting in my fridge any longer than about 3-4 days. If its meat that I have taken out of the freezer, I cook it within 2 days. Also, once I meal prep and the food is cooked, make sure to store it in BPA, airtight containers. That will help your food lasts. Hope this helps!!


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