Over half way there!!!

If you read my blog from last week you would know that I am on my way to running 100 miles in August. I am happy to report that we are 2 weeks in and I am over half way there. While my husband studies his brains out and has more on his plate than I could ever imagine, I am over here stressing whether I am going to make it to 100!!! And then I get that text in the middle of a long run and guess who it is?!?! Yup, my future CPA just cheering me on! He is the BEST!!!

Well it only seems fit to write this blog while watching. . . image

Their over all stamina, energy, and power in their legs is incredible! I am watching them and these are guys who are running half marathons under 1 hour and I am sitting here thinking, hmmm my goal is to get a 1/2 marathon just under 2 hours!!! They are on their final lap and part of me feels guilty for just sitting here with a cup of coffee in my hand just watching them!! HAHA!  And Farah wins the gold. If there was one question I could ask him, it would be this. . . “How do you recover so quickly after your runs”?? I ask that because this past week I had such a hard recovery between each run. I have never felt like my recovery was that hard. I am thinking with all these miles I am now logging, my body is freaking out!!! It’s like, girl you have never done this before, what are you thinking?!!!! HA! After seeing cupping marks on the Olympians, I am thinking I need to start having that done on my legs! But as hard as it was to hit each mile and reach my weekly goal of 30 miles, I did it! I pushed through. I traded in my honey packets for jelly beans for my long run today  and they hit the spot! I think I could get use to eating these for my fuel!!! image

If you were excited for the recipes that I said I was going to make last week, I am sorry I kind of went astray from those 3 meals. We did a little grilling and that hit the spot. Also, we got spoiled with eating some salmon straight from the waters of Alaska! The chicken I grilled with some bbq sauce and the salmon I covered in pesto and broiled it. Some times the simple meals are the best!

These 2 meals that I made at the beginning of the week will definitely be repeats at some point, maybe when we have some company! Speaking of company, I have some amazing visitors coming in October and one of those visitors is one of my biggest fans, my MOM!!!!! YAYAYAYA!!! Along with her, a very dear to my heart and special friend of the families and then my fabulous Aunt and wonderful cousin! October will be exciting!



The pad thai was made with all veggie with the traditional peanut butter sauce! I am addicted to this broccoli slaw and this is what the dish is made with. I threw in some boneless chicken and some bigger pieces of broccoli. I will be making this often!


Skinny Stir-Fry with Peanut Sauce

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