Birthday weekend!!!

I hope I never outgrow the love of birthdays!! I love celebrating them and I love making a big deal out of them, with balloons, cake and presents!! It’s just a fun time, so with that being said, we have a birthday to celebrate this weekend, well really on Monday!!!!  Come along and celebrate with me!!  ITS MY BIRTHDAY! So far, I got 2 awesome runs in, went to a bagel shop and was actually able to order a gluten free bagel, had my nails done and yes, my toes match my finger nails(my husband loves it) and now I am sitting at THE CUTEST coffee shop, waiting for my sweet friend to arrive and join me!! You know my addiction with coffee, so the cuter the coffer shop the better the coffee!


This past week was an amazing week of miles! I felt great and my legs worked just right! I finished the week at 30.76 miles. I have been keeping it pretty consistent with 30 mile weeks. Oh my goodness, I just calculated my miles for the month so far and I feel like I need to go out and run .2 miles right now. What would you think if you saw me running down the sidewalk in a dress and sandals?!?!  Hey, when you are a runner you will do anything to get those miles in. I say that because I am at 89.98 miles for the month!!!! I think it’s safe to say, I will meet my goal and dream for August!! See you at 100 miles!


You know the banana bread that I made last week, the 5 ingredient one?? Well, I made it again!! I have never been more addicted to a banana bread until I met and made this one!!!! This time instead of putting the bananas on top, I snuck in a few chocolate chips! My hubby couldn’t believe that this was made with oats and no flour!! He is sold on it too! So in case you forgot what it looked like, here it is again!! Make it!


This past week I did not get to the grocery but that was ok. I literally went into the fridge, freezer and pantry to gather my ingredients to see what I could throw together for the week! I bet you have more food in your house then you really think. Remember, some of the best meals are your easiest meals. So, for the 1st meal I did stir fry and added some kale to it. I buy the big bag of stir fry veggies from Costco and keep them in the freezer for a quick side. I had some frozen kale so I threw that in. After my pasta was cooked, I just tossed everything together. I made my own stir fry sauce with a little honey and soy sauce. Then I got fancy and made a yummy shrimp dish with the best rice I found at Costco. I do love Costco! And they are carrying more and more GF and organic items. I TRY my hardest to stick to my list but my shopping cart led me astray and I found a whole section of organic items. Now, I am not big on buying pre-made things but let’s be honest, it’s VERY convenient sometimes. So, I did it. I bought this rice and I am so glad I did. It’s pre-made and you can either microwave it or throw it in a boiling pot of water and within a few minutes it’s ready to eat! The shrimp dish was served with this rice. image



Finally, I went to the grocery! It’s always bad when you skip a week because then you need EVERYTHING!! I actually stuck to my list and was able to get all my groceries at ONE store for this up and coming week. You know I love to grocery shop so the more grocery stores I get to go to the better!!! But I hit up Aldi’s and got everything on my list! LOVE that store more and more. Hey, if it costs me a quarter to get a cart (you get it back when you put your cart back) and I have to bring my own bags and bag my own groceries, it’s worth it because it keeps their cost down. They really do have a great natural/organic and GF selection! Love when I can walk out of there with a cart full for under $60!


You know with all that I will have some great recipes for next week!! I already have today and tomorrow’s meal done. I have short ribs cooking away in the crock pot and I made some mashed carrot and sweet potatoes! I licked the spoon this morning and they are delicious! Don’t miss the recipe next week.

Well, it’s time to go and continue on with my birthday celebrations!!!!! Next week when we meet, I will be another year older!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed!

Do you like to celebrate birthdays?? Do you shop at Aldi’s?? If not, where is your favorite store to shop?


Recipe link:

Shrimp Creole Recipe



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