Labored on the Lake!!

Did you miss me?? Have you wondered what I have been cooking and how many miles I have been running?!?! Well, August left me with a little over 100 miles and my next goal was to work out in some way, shape or form ever day in September! September 1st I started out strong and ran 5 miles. I even got up at 5:15 in the morning to get those miles in. I have not gotten up that early in a while but I knew I was leaving that night for a long weekend and would not get a run in that day. I have to say I have not worked out every day in September so I will try again in  October! My goal for September is to just run how ever many miles I want, add in much more strength and just make it more fun and laid back. I love to have goals when I am exercising. It is very easy for me to lose my momentum when my workouts are the same day in and day out! Also, because I may not be running as many miles this month my diet is going to have to change a bit. That is the other thing I am really focusing on this month. I will admit. . . I RUN to EAT!!!! So in order for me to not pack on the pounds, which I can gain 10 by looking at cake, I am going to be more careful with that I consume. Meals will be filled with more protein and veggies and less carbs and sugars. I am excited to see the meals that I come up with for the remainder of the month.

I have not done much cooking in the last week. I got back from a mini vacation on Monday and I think we ate at our favorite salad place, Chopt, the rest of the week! Needless to say, I am ready to cook and did some grocery shopping damage today!!! I can’t wait to share some yummy recipes with you this week. . . Stay tuned!!

Hope you had a great Labor Day and enjoyed the long weekend! I ventured off to Lake Gaston with my 4 best girl friends, 3 of the 4 hubby’s and 3 little bestie babies!! Love our growing families!!! Yes, I know my Love is missing . . Guess where he was?? STUDYING:-( Pay now, Play later!! Our motto!!!

The best cake EVER. . .


We literally drank coffee all day, every day, ate some great food (we cooked at the lake house each day), talked for endless hours and just got to be together! It was the perfect weekend!!!

Who is ready for fall?? The decorations are slowly going up and the pumpkin food products are slowly being bought!!! This popcorn was my 1st pumpkin food of the season so far. . . image

And I know you don’t get to see much of the 2 of us these days so here is a sneak peak!!! We said, “sucking on suckers makes us feel young”!!!!!


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!!! Loved catching up! See you next week:-) XOXO

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