Ice*Ice*Baby. . .

There is no turning back now. . . img_0245

Sometimes I stop and think. . . Why am I doing this?? I sign up and I get butterflies in my stomach!! There is something about lining up with thousands of others and just running!! People always ask me when I am going to do a full marathon. I honestly have no desire to run 26.2 miles. But I have to say, Boston would be amazing to run. So for now, I will stick to my 13.1 miles. I got some awesome runs in the last 5 days. I discovered a new outdoor trail with my sweet friend Kathleen. We went Sat morning to run 4 miles and we ran again Monday morning!! It was actually cold. I broke out the long sleeve for the Monday morning run!! I try my best to stay injury free but my right foot has been hurting me so every night, until the marathon I will have it adjusted and ice it!! Getting regularly adjusted truly helps my running!


Can we talk about my Mom and Kathleen’s visit?!? It was so nice to have family here. I enjoyed being the tour guide and learned a little more about the City that we live in!!

One of my sweet friends was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and before she started treatment we had her and her hubby over for a little dinner party!!! We ate and cried and laughed and talked. . .she is such a strong woman and she is going to kick this cancer in the butt!!!!

I am not sure what I enjoyed more, dinner or dessert! I made apple crisp stuffed apples! Look out for the recipe below!! And if you need an easy dinner, take out the crock pot, throw some boneless chicken in with sweet baby rays bbq sauce and let it cook on low for about 6 hours. Scrub some sweet potatoes and wrap each one in foil with some coconut oil and himalayan sea salt in each and bake at 400 for about 45 min. For dinner, shred the chicken and load each potato with it!!! Its so healthy, quick and delicious!!!!


More family arrives tomorrow and I could not be happier!!! Enjoy your weekend! XOXO

Oh and here is a just because picture!!!!



Apple Crisp Stuffed Baked Apples



Food, Fashion & Fitness!!!

Its me again!! I know it has beeen about 3 weeks since we last caught up, you want to know why?? My hubby is on a mandatory sebatical. . . Don’t ask! Some things with his CPA and classes got rearranged and now he is going to take 5 classes and then start studying again for the CPA. Are we bummed, well not really! We are just doing things in a different order. And I get my hubs back for about 3 weeks!!!! The 1st week he wasn’t studying we literally sat and held hands and looked at each other and didn’t know what to do!!! Then we decided to escape for the weekend. . .


This was a much needed weekend away and we beat the hurricane! That came the weekend after. We got to Hilton Head and relaxed the whole weekend. We walked and spent some beautiful quality time on the beach together. And you know we ate!!! Oh we had  amazing seafood! Then we found this awesome brazilian steakhouse. . . Listen this was legit!!! They come to your table and carve fresh meat right off these skewers! It was a fascinating dinner!!! And their outfits were the best!!! If you have a chance to go to a Brazilian restaurant that serves the food like this, GO!!!

As much as I have loved having my hubby right by my side now I just want to be home and not at the gym! You know I started running all these miles to pre-occupy my time while he studied. So the 10-15 miles a week I am running now is all my hubby’s fault but guess what, I would not trade it for the world. The treadmill will still be there when he gets back to studying. Any my next event is the half marathon here in Charlotte!!! Come and cheer me on! I have about 4 weeks to go!!

Also since we have had more time together I have not meal prepped much but I have made some great dinners for us!!!

I have made butternut squash and apple soup with of course grilled cheese, sweet potato crust quiche, home-made pumpkin hummus (to die for and I will never buy the package again), Pumpkin bread with a maple glaze, and stuffed apple and cheese chicken. Now if you are looking for some great recipes, look no further! All the links will be posted below!! I know I really need to run after all this good food!!!

Can we talk fashion for a second?? I think fall has finally hit us here!! MY FAVORITE time of the year! But do you stop wearing white after Labor Day?? I can’t! I love my white jeans and please check out these new kicks!!! What is better than shoes covered in glitter!!! These will make any day better and take you places you have never been!! I am in love and I will be wearing them through out the fall with my white jeans!!!


We had some unexpected company this past weekend and it just rocked my world, for the good!!! My best friend got stuck here at the airport and we went to rescue her and her babies!!! And what is better than a Sunday night sleepover with your best friend and her sweet little ones. Thanks Kirs for that unplanned visit!!!! And now time for more company!!! Ready for my Mama and Kathleen to be here!! For those of you who live around your parents, cherish it!!

Thanks for coming and catching up with me!!! Until next time. . . XOXO


Goat Cheese Quiche with Sweet Potato Crust – #VirtualPotluck

Pumpkin Hummus

Pumpkin Bread