‘Tis the Season!!

Happy Thursday!!! Can you believe Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas is right around the corner?! We had a beautiful Thanksgiving. Vin and I celebrated it in Colorado! So, I have been out there in the summer but never in the winter. Both times are gorgeous but being surrounded by snow-capped mountains is breath taking! We ate, skied, relaxed and just enjoyed US time.

When we landed in Denver we were starving for breakfast, we flew out of Charlotte at 6:45 am so we were ready for some bacon and eggs. We found the BEST breakfast spot called SNOOZE! If you are ever in Denver you must go here. And I love when I walk into a restaurant and they know what gluten free and Celiac’s is. It makes it more enjoyable to eat there and know that I can enjoy my food without getting sick! I had the best breakfast.


We really wanted to SNOOZE after this food. We jumped in the car and headed to our final destination!!! Off to Breckenridge. As we entered the town it was the real deal ski town!! It was everything I dreamed it would be. The streets were filled with small shops, restaurants and people and we were engulfed by the mountains. We got to our condo and unpacked and ventured off to the shops. We spent the week here and each day was a new adventure. I do not think we ever got tired of the amazing view every morning and just everywhere we went. And of course we found a bakery and coffee shop very quickly once we got into Breck!

I ran and we skied so we got lots of exercise in on this vacation! Can we talk about the elevation and what is does to you?? It makes you think you are going to die!! I think we felt our pulses about 10 times each day and Vin even made sure I was alive one night while we were sleeping. We were at 13,000 FT above sea level. But I have to say, running there was hard but it has made my runs here so much better and almost easier. Its the strangest thing. My goal was to just not pass out on this trip. The last time I was in CO I passed out a few times, remember that Janelle!!! Thank God I was with some great doctors! On Thanksgiving we headed back into Denver for an incredible Thanksgiving dinner at Capital Grille. And we took a red eye out that night and got back into Charlotte super early Fri morning!!

So what have I been up to since we got back. . . Well I am back to running and cooking! Like I said, my running has been so much better after running at such a high elevation. And I have prepped some great meals that we have enjoyed!!

Carmelized Brussels sprouts with apples and onions, Shepherds pie with Sweet Potato, Loaded Baked Potato and Chicken bake and Asparagus with eggs:

Now that the Christmas season is here, I hope you enjoy each day! I hope your days are surrounded with family and friends that just bring joy and laughter to you and your home! The older I get, the more I long for the Christmas season to slow down. Be soneone’s light this Christmas season. You never know what someone is going through. Love more. Give more.

Merry Christmas and we will catch up next week!!!!! Enjoy your weekend! XOXO

And I love to hear from you so tell me what some of your holiday traditions are! I will share mine next time!

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