Happy New Years weekend!!

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and found yourself wrapped with love from Jesus, Family and Friends. I know there are some who do not enjoy the holidays. . . Maybe they have no family, traditions have changed or maybe they lost the one they love so much. Whatever it may be for you, keep the HOPE. I love the word HOPE more and more.   A couple Sunday’s ago, our pastor spoke on hope, in a way I have never heard it before and it has sat in the back of my mind since then. That will be for another blog post somewhere down the line!!!

Well, Christmas was wonderful and now being married almost 5 years, traditions have changed for me. You can say I am a very traditional person and maybe you are too but marriage will sure change that, for the good:-) One of my favorite traditions was always spending Christmas Eve at my Nana & Papa’s. All the family there, gifts around the tree,  the smell of all the classic Italian dishes, music going, and snacking on all the hors d’oeuvres before a big meal is about to be served. My grandparents would be cooking all day long, my Nana in her favorite apron and my Papa overlooking everything with a classic drink in his hand. . . Probably a little vodka or some Anisette!! Finally it would be time to sit and gather at the dining room table, except my brother, sister and I would be at the “kid” table. Man we could not wait to join the REAL table!! Of course, having 2 older siblings, I would be the last to join the adult table. We gathered, held hands and said grace. Christmas Eve was a time to all gather together and we celebrated my brothers birthday! After dinner, more family would come and close friends and we would finish the night with dessert, coffee and anisette! This was the only way I knew Christmas Eve, for more than 30 years this is how I celebrated Christmas Eve. My Nana & Papa are no longer here on earth with us, my hubs and I have moved and new  changes have been made. I have told my husband that I want our house to be the Christmas Eve tradition one day. I want to carry on what my grandparents once did. It brings tears to my eyes  to think I no longer have them here but it brings a smile to know these are the memories I have.

Here are some of the things I have been up to this Christmas season:


Christmas cookies


Eggnog French toast


Stuffed peppers and smashed potatoes




Gingerbread cheeecake dip


Christmas Eve dinner: Lamb, roasted root veggies and broccoli rabe

After all this food, I really need to boost those miles. I had some great runs over Christmas and looking forward to my fitness goals for 2017! More races and some great training is what 2017 is looking like so far. I am going to start out on a great note because we are ringing in the New Year with my best friend and I am assuming she is going to kick my butt this whole weekend! Can’t wait to have a work out partner for a couple days!!

I ended the year with 600 miles! I have so much to be thankful for and just the energy to run all these miles. My husband has supported me on every mile. Whether its a text or a kiss I get from him when I walk in the door, he is my #1 fan. My family, even though they are not here in NC cheer me on all the way from CT. And my family that is here in NC are such a great support team. My friends from all over send me so much inspiration and support. Thank you to each one of you who have encouraged me, prayed for me, supported me and cheered me on as I crossed the finish line this year, I am so thankful for each one of you!! Let’s see if I can double this number in 2017!

And here are 2 last dishes to share with you for 2016. . .

Stuffed avocado’s:

Cooked quinoa (always do mine in broth), sauté onions, peppers and garlic and I tossed in some mixed frozen veggies I had. Once cooked add the cooked quinoa and toss all together. Cut the avocado’s length wise and take the pit out. Stuff with filling and Buon Appetito!!!


And this is coming on our road trip to PA!!!! Chocolate PB pretzel bark and Idid it with GF pretzels!!!!

I hope each one of you have a Happy, Happy New Year!! Cheers to 2017!

Who has big NYE plans??   Any 2017 resolution??  Can’t wait to hear from you!!

XOXO.  Happy New Year!






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