When life gives you Basil. . .

Kate Spade says its perfectly, “When life gives you lemons, make limoncello”.  But being Italian and married to one, I like the phrase, “When life gives you basil, make pesto”!!! And that is exactly what I did. If you have been reading my blog for sometime you know that I have a passion to work out and a passion for cooking. I meal prep at the beginning of each week to make the work week much easier. I like to have a plan and have everything in order. BUT life does not always go that way. We learned that this past week. You see, sometimes being by your family’s side is much more important than running or meal prep. You have to forget about the daily routines of life and remember what is the most important and that is family. I would have never wished for the circumstances that brought us all together in one room but I am beyond thankful for our jobs that allowed us to drop all our responsibilities and go. We focused on life and how precious it truly is.

We were able to grab some amazing basil from my favorite Italian produce market, Padula’s. If you are ever near Padula’s market go and get some great produce!!

I did get some prep done last week and some great miles in. I am excited to get right back to running and Dad, soon enough you will be running right with me!! And don’t forget to stock up on some fun running accessories at Bondi band and use my discount code for a discount. I love that their accessories make my running much easier.

The 1st meal was a  breakfast dish. I took some tri-color baby potatoes and sautéed them and added breakfast chicken sausage, peppers and kale. I ate it either plain or if I wanted an egg I could add that on one of the mornings. Its so quick to do this up and have it for the week! Both dinner meals were fantastic and I prepped them on Sunday and cooked them on the night that was planned for. It was so easy to come home from the gym and just have to throw the pan in the oven . Both recipes are at the bottom. Let me know if you try and of them!!!

I have had this food processor for at least 10 years and I have never used any of the other attachments. I love Brussels sprouts but I get tired of always roasting them. I used the shredding attachment and made a Brussel sprout salad with bacon, cranberries, nuts and purple onion and a little olive oil. This is a great side item to any main dish or you can eat it as a meal.

So last weekend my hubby and I looked at each other and we asked the question. . . What do 30-something year olds do in Charlotte?!?! We went bowling for a date night and had so much fun!!! Go and check out Piedmont Social house.


Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Be kind and don’t forget to spend time with the ones you love!!

Buon Appetito! XOXO






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