A Runners High!!!

I have been on a running high since last week. I think I need to truly continue convincing my husband that its a very good idea that I become a stay at home wife!! It is amazing the things in life you get to accomplish. . .amazing runs, hot meals on the table every night, house cleaned, laundry done and put away and some awesome quality time with my sweet friends. I got to meet with 3 sweet, amazing girl friends this week. Its very rare I get to do this during the week. And also catch up on FaceTime and phone calls with my besties!! You see, my boss got married this past weekend and the office has been closed since last Wednesday! I was able to run 45 miles in the past 9 days!! I am looking forward to a little rest tomorrow. I really was not focused on how many miles I was going to do but more focused on my energy and just going to run. I am excited to be back in the office and seeing our patients! But lets see if I can keep this runners high. I will have a report in 2 weeks!

Happy Valentines, by the way!! Did you celebrate?? Well since I was home I cooked and put together a beautiful, candle lit dinner! A few things I love about Valentines at home: no reservations, real candles on the table, a home cooked meal, just me and the hubs, and if we wanted we could eat in our pj’s!! I made Chicken pesto  stuffed spaghetti squash. Recipe is at the bottom.


Some fun at Alino’s Pizzeria. . .

And 2 of my favorite things this week. 1. Why are these shirts with thumb holes the best?? 2. Botox in a bottle. Thank you Amy for both of these!!!!

Everytime I go to Aldi’s I always find something new to try! This past week it was this!! So delicious. I made it with stir fry veggies and a little meat from the Italian ragu sauce my hubby made.


Have you ever been to a Brazilian restaurant?? We have tried a couple different ones and tonight’s date night consisted on going downtown and trying Brazz’s! They are known for their meat and the guys come around with some amazing meats on these long skewers and carve it off right at your table! Whew, meat over load but it was amazing! And they give you these little cards and when you want more you flip it to yes and when you need a break you flip it over to no and the guys know to skip your table!! img_2612

And with all this running this week I think my metabolism has gone crazy. I woke up super early this morning for a quick bowl of lucky charms before finding my way back to bed!!!! img_2611
I hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend!! loved cacthing up! XOXO




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