Would you rather. . .

So would you rather run in the morning or at night?? Those are my 2 options when it comes to running. I can either get up at 5:15 AM or go at 6:30 PM. Both are brutal to me. As much as I love running and I love how I feel when I am done, it’s HARD. Its a commitment. Its something I think about constantly. Some thoughts that run through my mind. . . if I do not get up at 5:15, I have to go after work and then I do not get home until 8PM. That is a LONG day. If I go after work, its like therapy to me. I get to run out all that went on during the day BUT if I run in the morning I feel powerful and like I can conquer the world. And if I do not run at all and skip that day, I feel defeated, powerless and like I failed at something. Everyone thinks, Oh you run that is awesome but there is so much more that goes behind it! If you feel defeated with your exercise, know that you are not alone. But stay focused and know that you are stronger than any voice in your head telling you to give up or just quit or just take the day off from exercising. Do not give in. Push yourself a little harder, it will be worth it when you are all sweaty and done! Always the BEST feeling.

I am gearing up for my 1st race of the year! Sponsored by Lineberger Dentistry. If you need a dentist here in Charlotte, do yourself a favor and go to them!!! The BEST!


Do you struggle with what to pack for lunches?? Here are a few ideas:

Deli roll ups were a hit this week along with this kale salad! So as much as I love to eat healthy, I am not one to open a bag of kale and eat it. Its bitter and hard. So I made this salad and let it marinate in the dressing over night and had it for 3 lunches this week. I used tahini paste as my base, added lemon juice, fresh garlic and olive oil. Look for the recipe below and make it!! And 4 great dinner meals that graced our table this week. . .

Shrimp & chicken Jambalaya, Philly cheesesteak stuffed mini peppers, Chicken stroganoff served over quinoa and Spaghetti squash lasagna. All were a hit!!!

Have you ever had cottage cheese served over toast?? This hit the spot after a great work out and these energy balls gave us just the boost we needed!!

Saturday was a long run for me=SEVEN miles and after that the hubs and I went for a couples massage!!!  Nothing like an hour massage after a long run! I filled my body with this smoothie: Almond milk, almond butter, kale, banana and dates!


Well I am going to go and enjoy the snowy day and the fire that is roaring in our fireplace! Have a happy Sunday and a wonderful week!! XOXO

Don’t forget to tell me what you are up to this weekend, any great workouts, yummy recipes or fun activities you have been up to!!!








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