Rewind of my 8k. . .

What an amazing morning!!! I could not have asked for better weather. You know when you go to sign up for a race you never know what the weather is going to be like that day. I have only had rain on one race day! So lets keep it that way! I ate a 1/4 c up of Noosa coconut yogurt and an energy ball. If you have never tried Noosa yogurt, do yourself a favor and pick up a container. Its like a healthy dessert!! And now Costco sells the small cups of it!!! We got to the race around 7:15. I like to be early so I can change into my running shoes and just mentally prepare. The gun went off at 8AM and off I went. Because I do ALL my training on a treadmill I never really know how my body is going to do with outdoor running. So I knew I had 5 miles ahead of me and my goal was to cross the finish line in 49 minutes. I hit some pretty hard hills but I pushed forward with them and crossed the finish line in 47 minutes. This race took us through the older part of Charlotte, called Elizabeth. It was so fun to see all the neighbors out, cheering us on. My miles went like this:

Mile 1: 9 min 26 sec, Mile 2: 8 min 58 sec, Mile 3: 8 min 53 sec, and Mile 4 into 5: 9 min 38 sec. So the last couple hills definitely took my pace down but I was very happy with the end results!!!

That smile was when I saw my hubby at the finish line and I saw my time!!! I was so happy, as you can see!! Post race breakfast: GF Udi’s everything bagel with 1 piece of bacon, scrambled eggs(1 egg & 2 egg whites) topped with a little kale pesto!


A few of my favorites this week: Kale pesto (I made this just as I normally would if I had basil but I had a ton of kale from my sweet friend and subbed kale for the basil). Such amazing flavor! Kale salad with sweet potatoes and roasted Brussels sprouts. Can you tell I have been on a kale kick!! And what a difference garden kale is from the kale you buy in the store. It is so much better!! And my morning smoothie!

Happy Saturday to you and now go and enjoy the rest of your weekend! Time to go eat some sushi!!!! See you next time!!! XOXO

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