Cleaning and Cooking. . .

Happy Easter!!! What a beautiful day it has been! My hubby and I went to church and enjoyed such a wonderful service! So thankful that we have found a church that we can call home! These are the times I want all my family to live within driving distance, the holidays. I MISS them like crazy but I know we will all live in the same state one of these years!! Just have to keep twisting their arm:-) MOM I hope you are reading this!!! But we had a beautiful afternoon at my in-laws with the whole family!    And thank God for FaceTime! There was a little petting zoo at church so you know I had to get involved in that! Now I want a little duck!!! And that dish was Lamb!!! Easter dinner done right by my fabulous Italian MIL!!!

Can we talk about cleaning for a few minutes?! Do you love it or hate it?? I have mixed feelings about it! Well, truly deep down inside I want a cleaning lady!!! HAHA!   That is on my wish list! I do love the feeling after my house is clean but the process is SO time consuming! But if I have to do it, I am going to go as natural as possible. So I have started making my own cleaning solution and its wonderful and cheaper!! All you need is: clean spray bottle, essential oil (I used tea tree oil), baking soda, white vinegar and water. I mixed all that together and away I went. I did a DEEP clean this time around which involved cleaning the oven. PLEASE never use the self clean on your oven. It releases so many toxins into your home. I took out the racks and placed them in the tub with hot water with soap and baking soda and let them sit for 2 hours and they came out sparkling!! They look brand new! And for the oven, I made a baking soda paste with water and put that all over the inside off the oven and let it sit for 12 hours. Let’s say, our oven looks wonderful and so does our house!

Ok back to my favorite thing. . .  Cooking!!! Well this past week my hubby did this delicious meal!! Spaghetti squash and his home made sauce! I love subbing spaghetti squash for regular spaghetti! You are getting so many nutrients and no carbs! Cut the squash length wise and clean out the seeds and some of the stringy stuff and rub it with olive oil and spices, flip it over so the skin side is up and bake at 400 for about 40 minutes. When its done flip it over and let it cool then take it all out with a fork! Yes, it comes out like spaghetti!!

Meal prep: roasted potatoes with eggs and avocado, tilapia over salad and veggies and meatloaf cups with roasted potatoes. These are all meals I prepped ahead of time so I would not be stuck doing it when I got home from work. If you have followed my blog for some time now, you know I live on meal prepping. It has saved our budget big time and saves so much time during the week. My hubs and I are exhausted when we get home so I want to make sure that all we have to do is pop it in the oven!! And I stay very basic with meals during the week!!

Now for the most important: RUNNING!!! You know I can’t leave you without letting you know how my miles went!!  Well I had some early morning runs(LOL) this past week!! And I can’t live without this stuff!!!


And can I leave you with one more amazing food picture and recipe?!!!! This lemon pie was a HIT!!! And I made it with vanilla wafers for the crust instead of graham crackers!!


I hope you had a wonderful weekend and Buon Pasqua!!!! See you next time for some more fun!!!  Come and chat with me!!!



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