My Partner in crime!!!!

Guess who has been at the gym with me??!!! Yup, my hubby! He even joined me on the treadmill today. Thank God because I forgot my phone to jam out to!! He kept me occupied and took a picture!! LOL I know this might be weird but I always wanted to see what I look like when I run!! So here is a good laugh:-) These past 2 weeks I have focused more on my time than miles. So I have done shorter miles, 3-5 per run, and focused more on my time. I go through phases when I am more concerned about time than distance then when I get into race mode, I am more focused on my mileage. Also, with my little change and running hard it has made me practice my breathing so much more. These past 2 weeks have been great! I am feeling stronger and faster!


If you have been following me for some time, you know I always like to be prepared. I always have some type of snack with me, in my purse or in my car. Yes, I keep snacks in my glove compartment!! You never know when I am going to get struck by the HANGRY bug! I love to buy the big container of unsalted mixed nuts from Costco and measure out a 1/4 cup and make snack size baggies. We take these to work for a snack and I keep then on hand!


This past week I made a home made dressing and enchilada sauce. Everytime I make my own condiments, I always wonder why I still at times by the stuff in the bottle. Even the organic condiments have junk in them. So do yourself a favor and make this dressing or even the enchilada sauce! Both are filled with simple ingredients and taste amazing!! The dressing is an avocado dressing. I switched a few of the spices that the recipe calls for, for the ones I had on hand and it came out just as yummy, if not better! You know I can’t follow a recipe to the “T”!

Favorite meal of the week: GF crock pot lasagna! When you look at the recipe it will call for ricotta cheese, I subbed it out and used cottage cheese! A little healthier and still just as good.

I made these home made tuna burgers and we ate them over salad for lunch with the home made dressing. And also, I love to cook with spaghetti squash. Such a great choice and goes with anything. I love that I can pair it with almost anything.

We closed the office on Thursday and I did 2 fun things. You know your a runner when. . . You go and try on different running shoes!! I am sold on the Asics Kayano 23’s but I think I am holding out for the Kayano Lite-show! Anyone reading have a pair?? Please tell me what you think.  And if anyone from Asics is reading this, please feel free to send me a pair to try out!!!!!! I promise I will do a full blog about them! HAHAH! Also, I had a gift card for Lululemon so I went and spent some time there and got a few new things! Love when I wait for their stuff to go on clearance!

I hope you enjoy what is left of the weekend. Spend time with those you love, cook something delicious and enjoy!!!  Vin and I are heading into doing no carbs for a while, we just need to re-boot. So stay tuned for how I am feeling and some great running and recipes!!

Thanks for taking time to read!! XOXO





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