Carbs vs Carb-less

When I 1st started this blog, I stated that I would not talk about dieting or about being skinny. That is not what life is about. If you are like me, life is surrounded by food. Its then that you have to make the conscious effort to make healthy choices. I am the 1st to admit that I do not always make the healthiest choices. My excuse when I eat something “unhealthy”, I will run it off!! But really food effects my running. So the past few weeks Vin and I have the made the conscious decision to cut some carbs out of our diet. In reality, we really do not need them. I began researching foods, even more then I do already. Then around that,  I meal planned and here are some of the foods we have been eating!! All the recipes will be at the bottom. I challenge you to read labels and know what you are digesting.

One pan Salmon fajitas. I marinated all that together and threw it on a pan and cooked it! Served it over salads as leftovers for lunches. Cauliflower fried rice and steamed asparagus with hard boiled egg and bacon!

Can we talk about the egg roll in a boll instead of the chicken that is next to it! The chicken I just marinated and baked, served with veggies. BUT this egg roll in a bowl was the jam!! We took one bite and said. . . WOW this really tastes like an egg roll. But without the frying of the shell and its gluten free and very low carbs!! That will definitely be a do over this week!!MAKE IT, you will not be disappointed!!


Baking is truly my thing. I could do it everyday and just give it all away! There is just something about putting on my apron, measuring out the flour and using my big red mixer that brings joy to my heart. So I was filled with excitement when my sweet and dear friend asked me to be part of a bake sale. This is not any bake sale, this was to raise money for a cure. A cure for cancer. Cancer sucks so I will do anything to help find a cure. If it means getting to bake then I am all over it. So I made 1 dozen peanut butter filled chocolate cupcakes and 1 dozen regular chocolate cupcakes! Let’s find a cure!!!!

And now on to running. .  . I had a patient come in to my office the other day, handed me this and said “I was reading the paper this morning and spotted someone I knew”!!! Yup, thats me!!! 13.1 crazy miles!!


I run to stay healthy! Its my time! And yes, I wear my bibs on my thigh!! Also, do you see something?? I am the crazy northerner that can handle the “frigid” temps here in Charlotte!! HAHA!! It was a whopping 40 degrees and there I am in my tank while everyone else is bundled up!!! Find what you love to do and do it! Its good for you!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Its going to be hot here so you will find me lounging by the pool all weekend!





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