Happy ONE year to my blog!!!

Thank you to each one of you who has stopped by over the past year! I hope that at least one of my blogs has helped you in the past year! A year ago,  I finally took the step to do something that I loved. . . Share with others my running and cooking life! So here is to another exciting year ahead of us!!

Well as you know the past 30 days has been about clean eating. I do not mean just any clean eating but true Whole 30 style!! We are coming to the end of 30 days and so much has happened within our bodies: No more bloating, sleeping better, clothes fit better, we crave to be more active, my running has been better than ever, our skin is so much more clear, we do not crave sweets or processed foods, we have filled our bodies with some of the best nutrients and BEST of all, together we are down 30 pounds! Challenges are beat when done together and I am so thankful that my husband took my hand 30 days ago and said, “together WE can do this”! So if you are looking for a healthier lifestyle please consider Whole 30. Its hard. You have to always think ahead and most of all you have to be prepared. But at the end, I guarantee you, you will feel so much better! I have a passion to share the Whole 30 lifestyle. So thank you Melissa Hartwig for developing a great book and challenge!

Spaghetti squash chow mein with shrimp, Alaskan white fish with pesto served over kale and cauliflower rice and Mexican cauliflower rice. I had learned to replace all my grains with cauliflower rice and my pastas with spaghetti squash!

I think one of the most challenging parts has been breakfast. You can only eat so many eggs and avocado before you feel like you are going to turn into an egg! I think we should have bough stock in chickens during this time! So I had to think outside the box and discovered this amazing Warm banana coconut bowl! Its breakfast but tastes like dessert!


And then another thing is I always make sure I have some type of snacks on hand. When I leave the house I have been bringing fruit, a Lara bar and grass fed jerky with me! I am like a healthy walking convenient store! Now you know why I always carry a big purse!!

I was very fortunate to have this last week off so I took a little time and spent the night with my best friend and we had some much needed girl time! Always make a little time to care for yourself. I have always been one to care for my skin and the older I get the more important it has become to me. Can I tell you how AMAZING this charcoal mask is. All my skincare and makeup is Mary Kay! If you are looking for a simple regime please consider the Mary Kay line. There is something for all ages and all different skin and best of all,  SO affordable. Do not worry, I do not sell it so I make no commission off this but I do support it and I will always rave about what works!! So girl time consisted of a lot of coffee, chatting and charcoal masks!  If you are interested in any of their products let me know!

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. Whether you are going to church, spending time with family or just hanging out, be thankful today! I hope you continue to follow me! I appreciate each one of you. And if only one person over the past year was inspired by my blog, then I am so thankful!! XOXO









2 thoughts on “Happy ONE year to my blog!!!

  1. Debra says:

    Wow a whole year!! You are an inspiration for sure!!!! But I will admit as your mom the apple DOES fall far from the tree you didn’t get your love of exercise from me. LOL!!! Healthy eating yes and no-still can’t ditch the the junk but tommorow is a new day so there still hope!!! 😍


  2. runcucu says:

    Mom! You and Dad raised us to eat healthy!!! It paid off!! So thank you! You can do it! Its hard but so worth it! I will coach you through this!!! I love you!


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