Running on Whole 30+

Happy Sunday. Its 100 degrees here and I am craving fall!! I am craving it so much that I am sitting here drinking a hot almond milk “latte” sprinkled with pumpkin!


We made it to day 36 and had a little splurge moment!! After we ate it, by the way I felt 100% guilty while eating it, I really decided that these are things that I can live without. And what is it about donuts?? They just make me happy! Its like they just put a smile on your face. But my real struggle are the apple fritters!! When you find the BEST donut shop around you go. So yes, we had this and an apple fritter!!!


After this I upped my running! I have really focused on more of my diet the first 30 days of Whole 30 and now I have incorporated lots of miles back into the scene! I mean really that is what this blog is all about! I knew though with changing my diet, the 1st couple weeks, I would really crave carbs. And carbs we have been avoiding. Once I was past 30 days I knew my diet was in a good place. And I am sorry, NOT sorry, for posting a lot about Whole 30. . . BUT it has changed our life!

Three things I made for breakfast this past week. . . Berry and almond milk smoothie, egg white stuffed pepper and tuna patty with a fried egg and avocado.

Three things I made for dinner: Kale and broccolini salad, grass fed beef with sautéed veggies and chicken in the crock pot served over steamed veggies.

After eating that donut I knew I needed to start the week off right so Monday I had a smoothie.  Then I made that stuffed pepper for the next of couple breakfasts. I just took 2 eggs, one whole and one egg white, threw in some veggies and chicken breakfast sausage and poured it all in the pepper and baked it at 350 until cooked. And by the end of the week I had some left over tuna so I made it into a patty, cooked it and threw a fried egg on top with acovado. Talk about a protein filled breakfast.

Dinners this past week were super simple. I had not gone to the grocery so I was throwing things together with what I needed to use up in the fridge. The kale and broccolini salad was my all time favorite. I brought this over to my SIL & BIL’s house and it was a hit. Roasted sweet potatoes with kale, broccolini and red onion. And I roasted it all with coconut and a little olive oil. MAKE IT!

And I ended my week with 34 miles!! This is the most I have run in over 40 days. Yes we are going on day 42 or 43 of Whole 30!! I lost track. All I know is that food plays a HUGE role in exercising. I was running a ton of miles last year but I was eating more calories then my body really needed. It has been really good to finally truly know what my body really needs to run the miles I need to run! And I have to say, I enjoy it more now than I did before. And I loved it before so you know that I am really loving my running now. Like I crave it and its the best feeling. So do not forget to do something healthy and active this week!! And yes, I make myself feel right at home when I am at the gym! They even change the TV for me to HGTV! Gives me lots of good ideas!!


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! Cheers to another week! Can’t wait to sit and chat next time!!



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