16 more days= Everything Pumpkin!!

I know its only August but I am so ready for fall. I am ready for cooler temperatures, except I can’t complain, August has been amazing, mid 80’s, cooler nights and we have actually been able to eat outside! But these temperatures are just getting me ready for fall. And with that being said, pumpkin coffee hits the DD shelves in 16 days! You bet, I will be 1st in line, on my birthday, for my 1st pumpkin coffee of the season! Happy Birthday to me!!

Running has been great this week. I got 24 miles under my belt. Running is my thing. It makes me forget everything that is going on around me for just a few moments. Its my peace and quiet. Its where I spend time by myself, thinking, planning and focusing on my health. I never realized how UN-healthy I was although all along I thought I was so healthy. WHY?? Because I was exercising. But I soon discovered just because you exercise does not mean you are healthy. Whole 30+, yes I have re-named this type of lifestyle, because we have taken Whole 30 and stayed on it. We have decided that this is how we are going to continue living our life. I went to the Doctor for my follow up after a physical, and my numbers that were elevated 6 months ago had dropped drastically. The only thing that I have gotten out of this lifestyle is positive results. It takes dedication, time, perseverance, and sometimes you have to just walk away when temptation is too much!!!! HAHA! Food is powerful but I am more powerful. And I am so thankful that I have a husband that is fully supportive and is walking this lifestyle change with me!!


People ask me. .  . How do you find time to eat healthy. Its really all about meal prep. My husband and I both work full time and the last thing I want to do at 7pm is put together a gourmet dinner. So I take a couple hours on Sat or Sunday and prep as much as possible. We stick to salads for lunches and quick and easy dinners. And breakfast we eat eggs 99% of the time.

I cut up all our greens, arugula & kale, hard boil eggs, roasted chicken, sautéed peppers and onions and steamed broccoli. This makes it so much easier to just grab all the bowls and throw a salad together with all these items.


I did 2 things in the crock pot. I bought a 4 pound pork butt, added onions and a rub then poured a cup of home made bone broth over top, cooked it on low for 6.5 hours. I love when I can walk in the from work and dinner is literally ready. This was the best pork I have ever made. And you know I always need bone broth on hand so made a crock pot full of it!

Here are 2 of my favorite items I made this past week. . . A stuffed omelette for breakfast and these chicken poppers. Recipe will be at the bottom and you need to make them!! I served with some home made, garden grown, chunky tomato salsa!


And when you live down south you have to go to a rodeo!!!! YEEEHAW!!!


Hope you are having an amazing weekend! Doing something good for yourself this week! Thanks for coming to read! Hope it was a help!!








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