Blogging from the sky!

Good morning and Happy Thursday!! I am here blogging from. . . Can you guess?!?!


My plane is here and soon I will be boarding! This is the 1st flight I have taken solo since I have been married, wish me luck! I am heading up NORTH!!! CT here I come! I am going to have FIVE full days spent with my family! I am sure they will be ready to ship me back to my hubby! Never take living close to family for granted. If they live close, visit often. And if they don’t, when you have the opportunity to get together,  cherish it!

Update on my foot, I think its 99% healed. I have been able to walk and run with no swelling or pain. I am taking a few minutes before and after each run to properly stretch it and then I immediately apply arnica to it. If you have not discovered that stuff, well get yourself a bottle. I have seen such an improvement and I think that has helped a lot. Its a homeopathic gel that helps with bruising, swelling and pain. I got as much running in as I could this past week. I ran some pretty decent miles and of course, I have my running shoes packed! And we did a lot of walking at the fair and the some incredible food. Come on if I am going to splurge, its going to be on the foods I NEVER have. So the 1st thing on my fair food list, Pizza Fritte. I remember growing up and my mom and Nana making this as a special treat! We all know its not the healthiest but ohhhhh so good! And of course we kept ourselves young and rode some rides! After this one, I rode all the kiddie rides!!


And now I will not be doing much cooking the next few day! The lady that taught me everything is going to feed us, thanks Mom, can’t wait! So what have I been up to. . .

I have needed a change with breakfast. If you have been reading my blogs you know eggs have been a big staple in our house. I needed to venture out. So I made 5-ingredient, healthy pancakes! They are so moist and the trick I learned to hold them together is cook them just a little longer, until they are formed and then flip them!


And dinner. . . One that I tend to make often, because its so easy and so yummy, egg roll in a bowl. And then this coconut thyme chicken. Tasted and approved by my one and only and he said it was the best chicken! So I say, make it! And for a side, I found the cutest little butternut squash zig zags. They look like fries but only healthier and so yummy!

And for my newest product I have studied about and researched. . . Edens Garden! If you have not checked out their oils, do! And if you have any questions, ask me!!! And look at the cute packaging! One of the main reasons I researched them so much to make sure they were 100% was the price tag on them! We use oils for EVERYTHING in our house and there were other oils that I loved but the budget did not like it so much!! So go and check them out!


Well this is it!! I am ready for take off!!

Ciao!! XOXO




Happy Labor Day!

Happy Monday and Happy Labor Day! Vin and I love to take day trips or long weekend trips. So we have had Fri-today off together. We did a couple day trips and have had a blast. This year we discovered how charming Greenville, SC really is. Stroll through Reedy Park, eat at the Lazy Goat, get ice cream from Spill the Beans and grab a coffee at Coffee Underground!


I think my foot is finally on the mend. I am still being cautious but I ran double digits this past week and feeling great. A little tender at times but I am getting there.  If you are a runner or involved in any high impact activity, make sure you have good shoes. I am a true and dedicated Asics fan. Thank you Asics for making amazing running shoes. My 2 staples for running are these sneakers and my bondi bands!!! If you have not tried a bondi band or the running arm bands, what are you waiting for?!!!


Craving something sweet but avoiding sweets at the same time?!! You need to make this. Pumpkin Chia seed pudding! It will satisfy your craving and it contains less then 5 ingredients.


My newest addiction and an oldie but goodie: Butternut squash zoodles with a cauliflower alfredo sauce. And these zucchini chicken burgers are so healthy, super moist and perfect for a picnic or an easy weekly meal!


Hope you have a beautiful Labor Day, take some extra time to rest and spend time with those you love!

*Ciao* XO