Vacation Mode and Meal Prepping. . .

So people ask me, “how do you go on vacation, cheat a little and jump right back on track?” I always make sure that I am prepped for meals for when we come back. I rarely leave the house for vacation with an empty fridge, because the last thing I want to do when I get back is hit the grocery store. A lot of times, we just go away for the long weekend, so that helps avoid food spoiling while we are gone.

You know how much I love bone broth. I love making it and stocking up on it. This way, when a recipe calls for broth, I can use my own. It is filled with so many nutrients that you just can’t get from the stuff at the store. So do yourself a favor, make some and freeze it! I promise you, your body and immune system will thank you!!

Made this super yummy detox soup, because we all know we need to detox after vacation! Just gets your body back on track!

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And I really kept it simple for the week we got back. . . one pan meals are some of my favorite! A pan of all veggies. . . this is so simple because then I can add to meat to it at any point or we just have a bowl of veggies for dinner. I love lasagna but we do not eat noodles, so I made a one pot eggplant lasagna and then I had some left over chicken so I shredded it, added avocado and placed it on apple slices, you do not always need bread!!!

And my current breakfast obsession. . . mini crust-less, sweet potato cups and 5 ingredient, flour-less muffins! Yes, Whole 30 approved!!

If you are ever in Hilton Head you need to go to Ducks Donuts and The Studio to eat. We went there Friday night and had one of the best meals along with buffalo cauliflower as our app. Then Sat we got Ducks donuts and went to the beach!! And we stayed at The Sonesta!!! We left the resort 2 times, other than that we had complete beach access, hammocks and the pools. This was just a time to rest and relax!

And get ready. . .I am running a Halloween race this Sunday!!! I have race fever!!!!

Hope you are having a great Tuesday! Enjoy the rest of your week and I will chat with you soon!!

Ciao! XO


Paleo Eggplant Lasagna

From CT-NC & back to reality

Why when you look forward to something for so long and then it comes and you enjoy every minute and when its all over you feel like you need a repeat?! It was so nice to spend 5 full days with family and friends that are like family. And because pictures are much more fun than words, here is what my 5 days looked like. And the only thing that would have made it sweeter is if my hubs was with me. But he stayed home and worked hard and held down the fort!!!

What a coincidence. . . We go to breakfast and my dad gets the NC mug. Its a sign:-) And there is something about when I am with my mom, I always end up with a new do and I am in love with the cut and style and my sweet stylist.

Family time and soaking up my niece as much as possible!! We hold hands, match our shoes and roll down hills and run back up them until we are dizzy!

Because its not a trip to the North unless you go to Stew’s. . .BEST grocery store ever! And a visit with my sweet friend and the chickens!!!!

The one taught me everything I ever needed to know about fishing! Looking forward to many more fishing adventures together!!

Beautiful time with my Aunt and some girl and sushi time together!!

And not only did my hubby get me back but he also go some amazing ITALIAN cookies!! I can’t believe these lasted the plane ride without me digging in! But its always more fun to eat this deliciousness with someone you love!


Hug the ones you have around you right now and when you are with ones you do not see often, love them a little more and cherish the time you have together. I can’t express how thankful I am for the ones who made this trip possible and so very special to me. Sometimes its just the little things that count. . . Rolling down hills, hiking with my brother and sister in law, chatting away with my sister in law in the kitchen, eating cannoli dip with my parents and sister at midnight and all gathering together to eat dinner!

I will be back with more food and fun next time!! Happy Friday’s Eve, even though every Thursday is my Friday!!!!!

Ciao! XO