Happy New Years Eve. . .

I can’t believe Christmas has come and gone and we are about to put a bow on 2017.      What a year it has been. . . We built a house, Vin started a new job in the fall, we were able to sneak away for a couple weekend trips, we got through a few months of Whole 30 and about to start it all again, had family visit, experienced my 1st rodeo since I was a child, saw my 1st solar eclipse, experienced downtown Greenville, went to the mountains a few times with our sweet friends, got to see one of my best friends a bunch of times(Amy it will never get old that we live an hour and 10 min away from each other) and hoping to see all you girls this year!!! Vin and I have grown individually but also as a couple and I am excited to see what 2018 has in store for us!

I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas. Ours was filled with family and food. Vin and I gave each other the gift of a new house for Christmas this year. So Christmas morning we woke up and just laid around in our PJ’s, watched a Christmas movies, made us a special breakfast and we might have eaten some cookies too!! Christmas Eve was also so special because we gathered together as a family. There is nothing like an Italian Christmas Eve. A table filled with family, little kids running around and the smell of so many fishes!! I never will forget all the people that gathered at my grandparents each Christmas Eve. The house was filled with family and close friends and the smell of amazing Italian dishes. My Nana always made her famous Pasta Alici. I love traditions so this year I brought her famous recipe to the table here in NC!!


If you follow me on Instagram or FB you also know I did some baking!!

And these little sweet potato quiches are the best! My hubs bought me these little springform pans and I started with mini quiches. I used shredded sweet potato for my crust, baked them at 450 for about 30 min then added the egg filling. I love this because you can add anything you want to the egg mixture. Fill it up and then bake again at 350 for about 20 min or until set.

And now can we talk about running for a quick minute. . . I ran 575 miles this year. My goal, because everyone sets New Years resolutions, is to run 1,000 miles in 2018!! Do you set resolutions? I would love to hear about them! I pray you have a beautiful New Years Eve celebrating what 2017 was and excited for what 2018 has in store for you!

And now on to 2018!!!! Ciao! XO


Home Sweet Home. . .

Well I can finally say we are HOME!!! When we moved to Charlotte 4 years ago, we had no idea where we would end up! The city was much bigger than we expected and we knew we wanted to wait for our “forever” home. So we rented in a great area where we were surrounded by so many places that we could walk to! We moved into our condo and made it as homey as possible. We built a lot of memories there but it was never home… we’ll at least it wasn’t ours.  About every 6  months we would get the itch to look at homes. So we would jump on the internet and look.  About a year ago we really started looking, like meeting with realtors and going inside homes, talk about FUN!!! Each time we left a house we would talk about what we loved and what we would change. Then a light bulb went off, WHY NOT BUILD!!! I never thought this dream would be a reality. We went around to new developments and when we drove into The Mills at Rocky River we both sat quietly, drove around and looked at each other and both knew this would be home to us!

So the next Saturday we came back and actually met with a sales rep. We looked at the models and started putting our wishes and wants into action. Our sales rep was absolutely amazing with us! He was so patient and took us around to different lots until we found one on a culdesac. Then the fun really began. .  .

Each week we would come up and look at the progress of our home. Its amazing to see your hard work pay off. We were so blessed to have an amazing team build our house.  Each week we could not believe how much they would get done! Seeing the progress was so cool!

As the walls went up we then went in and put verses in our home. This was such an incredible experience.

It was so fun to walk through and see rooms actually come together. . . Then I saw my kitchen and got SOOOO excited! I knew a lot would be happening in this kitchen and my one request was to have ONE BIG sink!!!!

Then the day we have long awaited for happened.  .  . We CLOSED on OUR home!

We are moved in and getting settled! I pray that this home would be a home filled with love and laughter. I pray this home would be a place of safety and shine bright to others. I pray  family, friends and strangers that enter into this home would feel  God’s presence and feel welcomed here.

Well, we have lots of extra room now so pack your bags and come and stay with us!! I promise I will cook you something yummy in my kitchen!!!! And now its time to cook! I will have lots of great food to share with you soon! Stay tuned! Ohhhhh and I get to work out right across the street!! YAYA!!! More of that to follow later on!!

Happy Sunday!

Ciao! XO