Its Fri-YAY!!!

Well we have come upon another weekend, well almost. My weekends start Thursday night when I leave the office! Hope your year is off to a fantastic start and I pray that it continues that way as we make way through this year.

We are back on Whole 30! We are in the process of just cleaning out our bodies from a strong 2017 finish, LOL!  And by strong I mean this is the dessert that we ended the year with. . . TIRAMISU! We rang the new year in with our amazing friends! We went to dinner then walked back to their house for games, coffee, dessert and watched fireworks at midnight!

There are so many things that I reflect on when a New Year begins: how to be a better wife, friend, sister, & daughter, how will I grow in the Lord more, what will I change about myself, how will my running go this year, what other work outs should I implement, how can I serve others more, how can our new home be a blessing not only to Vin and I but to others. But instead of just focusing on these and thinking about them, I have also written them down and I try to reflect on them to make sure that the things I want to change, actually happen this year! Each one of us is a work in progress so when you fail, pick right back up. When you have to say I’m sorry, do it. When asked for forgiveness, do it!

I love Fridays because its my day to go grocery shopping, YES I LOVE to go to the grocery store, sometimes I go to 2 or 3, meal plan and start prepping, get a long run in, clean the house and my afternoons usually consist of taking care of 2 of the sweetest boys. And although I could forget the last part of this, cleaning the house, I actually enjoy it. I have ventured into the world of Norwex! Guys the 1st day I cleaned the floors my husband could tell a huge difference and the best thing is, they are all chemical free! The items contain Silver which is a natural disefectant. If you have not tried the products, do it!

As you know meal prep saves our lives and really helps us to eat healthy. So a couple things I like to do is make a pan of mixed veggies and tri-color potatoes and last week I roasted a chicken for 5 hours and cut it up for salads! Remember meals do not have to be fancy.

I have been getting to the gym in the mornings and I feel so much better. I love being able to start my day like that. And honesty even though I am up at 5:25, I really have more energy through out my day. I also started doing more exercises with my legs.

And lets talk about 3 healthy things: diffusing, a quick snack and my obsession with this hot drink. When I am in a rush its hard to make a breakfast so after a long run I grabbed this RX bar to carry me over until lunch, SOOOOO good! I do not eat these on a daily basis but it was perfec to grab so I was not HANgry! Also, this car diffuser, I love it!! Thank you BESTIE! Diffusing is not just for the house anymore! And this concoction is the bomb! I try to drink it as soon as I get back from the gym in the mornings!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Stay Strong, Stay Healthy! And do something good for others!!

Ciao! XO