The good, the bad and. . .

You fill in the blank: most people would say the ugly. But with the tragedy that happened in Parkland there is one word that I would replace it with,  HEARTBREAK. My heart breaks for the families that lost loved ones. Kids that will never get the opportunity to experience more to life, parents that will not be able to kiss their loved ones one more time, tuck their kids into bed another night and these loved ones that are left with the big question of WHY. This morning in church footage was replayed and a beautiful song was sung to bring tribute to these beautiful lives. We never know when it will be our time so live life to the fullest,  love more, forgive more, don’t let the small things ruin your day. Spend more time outside, with others, give the ones you love more hugs, talk more, call the people that live far from you more often, send a card, do something good for someone, step out of your comfort zone and pray. Pray for those that are hurting because you never know what another person is struggling with.

I have been cooking for a long time but I am always learning something new! So this weekend we really wanted wings so I thought to keep it healthy I would get the naked ones and make my own sauce. When I got home and opened the wings this is what they looked liked!!! WAIT WHAT??  You have to cut them yourself to make them real chicken wings??!!! Let’s just say that the honey mustard sauce I made was the bomb! As far as the wings, I need to buy them already cut next time!!!!

Three favorites from this past week: Zoodles with zucchini poppers, unstuffed cabbage rolls and mashed cauliflower! The mashed cauliflower was absolutely delicious. I steamed it in my bone broth until soft then mashed it, added ghee and garlic!

I really do feel so much better when I am filling my body with healthy food. Oh we will have occasional cheat but we do not make a habit of it anymore. We rarely eat out and I love that. Yes, sometimes its very convenient but I love knowing what ingredients are in my food and how its prepared. And honestly, I love to cook.

Bondi Bands never fail!!!!!


If you have tomorrow off, enjoy! Sleep in, have an extra cup of coffee and stay in your pj’s just a little extra! I will be at work!!!

Have a beautiful week!






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