So last week I cooked up a few different soups and we have a great cleansing week! Sometimes your body just needs that! And yes, I even ate soup for breakfast! It was filled with so many nutrients and whole ingredients. One of the things I make sure I have on hand is bone broth, that totally makes your soup! The bone broth alone is filled with a ton of healing agents in it! And now we jumped back on Whole 30! If you have been following my blog for some time, you will see that we have pretty much adapted to eating that way, 99% of the time! Come on we ALL need a cheat!!

Also, I am all signed up for my 1st race of 2018! If you are in Charlotte be sure to come out! Its such a fun race. It starts and ends at a park and the energy alone is so strong! And thanks to Lineberger Dentistry for the sponsor!! If you need a dentist, he is the best! Do yourself a favor and go check out his website then make yourself and the family an appointment!


I always thought it was weird when people would have bone broth or soup for breakfast well then one day I decided to do it and it was amazing! There is nothing better than a hot cup of soup/bone broth after a run! It just gives my body all the nutrients I need and it keeps me full for a longer time! Believe me when I am eating it I am sometimes dreaming that its a gluten free fun-fetti pancake I am eating!! So this is the one that was for breakfast all week long! I roasted my butternut squash 1st then added everything to the pan, sauteed it all then used the immersion blender and left a few little chunks!


Apple, Carrot & Butternut squash

And the rest of the soups looked like this, and of course its all about meal prep because when you work full time the last thing I want to do when I walk in is cook!! I want to just heat and serve! I was not sure how my hubs would like the Bok Choy and mushroom but he said it was one of his favorites, so clean and full of vitamins! And the recipe calls for rice noodles but I left them out. And one of our faves, that I make often, is the egg roll in a bowl!

And sometimes you just have to escape for a couple days!!! We found ourselves up in the mountains and it was perfect!

And when you need a little “dessert” make your own lara bar and crumble it over strawberries!!!! I made cashew coconut bars!

Happy Wednesday!! I never blog during the week but we all need a little pick me up every once in a while! So sip on that coffee, check out these yummy recipes, do something kind for someone else and enjoy the day!!!

Until next time! Ciao!


Apple, Carrot & Butternut Squash Soup

Bok choy Soup

Egg roll soup

Coconut Cashew Crumble

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