The other side of the fence!!

This past weekend I was on the other side of the track!!! Instead of running I was working! If you have ever run a race you know what its like to do packet pickup! I have to say that is one of my favorite things about the race, the expo! There are usually so many fun vendors there and that is where I 1st discovered Bondi Band. In 2009, I ran my 1st half marathon with one of my best friends! I had no idea that I would run 4 more after that. They become addicting! And every time I cross the finish line I say ok I think I am done, then I sign up for another. So this past weekend I had the privilege of working at the Flying Pirates half marathon in the Outerbanks, thank you Bondi Band for this experience. RUNNERS, thank those that work the expo’s and all the volunteers. I never knew the dedication, hours and work that went into the expos. I am usually the one to show up, grab my bib and walk around and enjoy all the different vendors. I will never walk into an expo again without thanking those volunteers/workers. Bondi Band And if you want to order something be sure to use this code for a discount: RUNCUCURUN

And if you have never had Duck Donuts, GO! Actually Run!!!!

I love to make roasting chicken and I like to roast it for about 5 hours. But with our busy schedules sometimes 5 hours is not feasible. So I whip out the crock pot and let the chicken cook on high for 1 hour then let it cook for 5 hours on low and dinner is ready! I love using the rest for chicken salad and then I throw the bones back in the crock pot and make my bone broth!

And when you are craving savory waffles, make these! Sweet potato waffles. I usually make an egg to go with them, I make 6 of them to make sure we have enough for Mon-Thurs. Each morning I just pop one in the oven to re-heat it! Savory Waffles

And for a quick night meal, I roasted sweet potatoes, served some of the leftover chicken added in some greens and topped it with BBQ sauce!! So good and quick!

My weekends are used for long runs. Friday mornings I get in a long run then I go take care of 2 of the most precious boys!! Seriously, they have stolen my heart. So I am usually super busy and hands on so I do not have time to sit and eat. I did grab one of these and it hit the spot!! These pouches aren’t for kids anymore! These are great for runners!!! I will definitely be keeping these in my gym bag! And those boys, are they not the cutest?!?! They keep my Fridays super exciting and I LOVE being able to love on them!

Happy Tax Day!! And shout out to MY accountant!!!! Thanks Babe for all your hard work, I am a full time job, I know, but you take amazing care of me and you work so incredibly hard!!!


Have a great Tuesday! I have family arriving on Thursday, YAY to our 1st house guests!! Stay tuned to our crazy adventures we will be taking on!!!



Race Re-Cap and Shop Local!!

My 1st race of the season and it was awesome! There is something about getting to that start line, adrenaline rushing and hundreds of people gathered around you! I love the beginning of the race. . .everyone is together, hands over their hearts and the national anthem rings out. There is nothing like the end of our anthem that chokes me up EVERY.TIME “O’er the land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE”!! Stop and think about that, all the freedoms that we do have!!! And thank you to all the brave ones who have and still serve!

Because I do all my running on a treadmill I really never know what to expect when it comes to race time. I try to always set a goal no matter what and hope for the best! I have to say I think its the adrenaline that helps me get through every mile and beat my time! This was an 8K, 4.97 miles, I mean really someone please just make this 5 miles, so I was determined to make it under 50 minutes and I did!! That smile was because I just crossed the finish line in under 50 and I caught my Hubby’s eye!!!! Love that look I get from him when I cross the finish line! And 1st time wearing the arm compressions and I am so glad I did! It helped in so many ways and kept me warm! Check out Bondi Band for all your running essentials and the best thing about them is everything is washable! I throw my headbands and armbands right in the shower, wash them, hang them to dry! “No slip and No drip” Bondi Band


My fuel for this race was jelly beans!!! I definitely needed them for the hills! And those bibs will never get old!


I am really bad at eating before a run but I knew with this race I would need the energy so I left the house and took a hard boiled egg with me. It was the perfect amount of protein and fat that I needed. Afterwards, that was a whole different story. I was craving a egg and cheese biscuit. So as soon as I got home I made this! Egg white and chicken sausage sandwich. This gluten free roll was soooo good and can’t wait to use these for cook outs this summer! They come individually wrapped for extra freshness. I keep them in the freezer and pull one out and pop in the oven to crisp it up. If you are looking for a great GF roll, check them out here: BEST GF buns

And I might have snacked on these too in between bites! Seriously if you like sweet potato chips you need to make these and STOP buying them! I slice them with my veggetti and lay them on the stone. Drizzle your choice of oil, I did EVOO and then spices. You can really do whatever you like and you can even make them sweet!


Can we talk about shopping for a moment?!?! When you get the chance to shop local, DO IT! I came upon this little booth at an outdoor market one day, followed her blog immediately and won this sweet bracelet! Check her out on Instagram and follow her! Her work is amazing and I love that its so different! Shop Apiary

Picked up my bracelet and went and discovered this gem of a park, Jetton Park!

I hope you had a beautiful Easter. . . more to come later this week!!! Stay tuned!! Now go enjoy that beautiful weather if you are in the south and my Northerners, just keep enjoying all that snow!!!!