Is it more expensive to eat healthy??

Believe it or not, I get this question a lot. When people see what I eat or what I am buying or I get the chance to talk about my eating patterns, many people will ask me, “how do you afford to eat healthy”? Honestly, its cheaper to eat healthy. You have to remember I am not buying any type of processed foods, very limited canned items, I make all my own broth, goodies, muffins and meals. I do not spend money on pre-made meals, processed foods, packaged snacks or many canned items. I go to the grocery weekly and at the end end of the week I cook up anything that I have left over, such as veggies and meat. If I bought meat for the week that I know I am not going to use then I freeze it for a meal in the next week or so. Oh yes, its SOOOO much easier to just grab but that leads to processed foods or foods that contain so much sodium and extra stuff we just do not need in our diet.

I am about to get REAL with you. . . About 2 months ago I went to the grocery to pick up a couple snacks to have for the weekend. You know those kind of weekends, the lazy ones where you know you are going to hang in the house and be in stretchy clothes all weekend. When I checked out, these couple items came out to $20 and after that weekend I felt AWFUL. I didn’t want to exercise, get dressed or even leave the house. I felt lethargic, I contaminated my body with so much gluten and heavily processed foods. Sunday night I knew that these once in a while cheats were coming to a hault. As I meal planned for the week I knew this was a life style change. Its not about being on a diet. If you have that mindset, you will fail. When you tell yourself you need to go on a diet you automatically think, ok what can’t I have. Instead, eating healthy should be a lifestyle change. You should always be excited to eat. I mean really when we all get together, where do we all gather?? The KITCHEN!! Within the 1st week of getting these toxic foods out of my body, I was down 6 pounds, which was pretty much all water weight but more importantly I had all my energy back and I actually enjoyed my running and miles this weekend. So here is my comparison of what $20 bought me. Is it really cheaper to eat unhealthy???

Three of my favorite meals this week:

Breakfast lasagna: I loved this because I was able to make it on Sunday and it lasted for the week. I cut it all up and put it in  containers and each morning we just reheated and took it with us to work.


I think so far this is the most delicious salad I have made. All raw and no meat. I made a huge bowl and ate it each day for lunch! This would be great for a summer picnic and will be making this again!! Chopped Thai Salad


We love Thai food and we have a favorite restaurant we go to for Pineapple fried rice and its loaded with pure deliciousness, lots of veggies, pineapples, raisins, cashews and curry and its all served in a pineapple. So I took all those ingredients and turned it into something healthy with using cauliflower rice. I followed a recipe but put my own spin on it, I added carrot ribbons, cashews, raisins and curry.


Try eating clean, I promise you will feel so much better! Yes it takes work, you have to think ahead and meal prep but when you have so much energy, sleep better, clothes fit better and you have that confidence then you will remember that its all worth it. Even though I love meal prep and eating healthy its still hard work for me. I have to think ahead and even sometime bring food with me but in my opinion  its worth it. Don’t make excuses for hindering your health. Take good care of your body!

Running is back and going strong and I even added in planks. Every couple days I am going to incorporate strength exercises into my miles.


Remember you don’t have to be a runner but do something healthy for yourself. Get outside daily, fill your body with  better choices and start small. For each processed food you clean out of your system, fill it with something healthy.

Have a beautiful week. CIAO! XO