Water bottle obsession

I have an obsession with water bottles. I love them, you will never see me without mine and I am always looking to add to my collection! If you drink a lot of water you will know what it means to have the perfect water bottle. I am currently drinking out of this  ONE. I knew I needed it when I walked into Bed Bath and Beyond and it was originally $26, marked down to $17 and 40% off. These glass water bottles are expensive! I am always on the look out for a bargain!! Do you drink a lot of water and if so do you like it plain, with lemon or lime or something else?! I usually drop a few drops of wild orange or grapefruit essential oils in mine!


While we are talking about being healthy can I tell you it has been cold in the mornings going to the gym so instead of throwing on my flip flops I have traded those out for UGGS! AND have you ever had to run with no socks on?!? Well, that was me the other morning! Good thing my ASICS are super comfy! And these bondi bands that I absolutely love.  . .WHY?!!! Because they keep my hair back, sweat out of my eyes, super cute designs and you can wash them in the shower or right in the sink and hang them to dry! Oh and I must add they protect my ears from the cold too! Go get your Bondi Band here and use RUNCUCU for a discount!!

And I have been going hard at meal prepping:

Tuna Patties

Crock pot curry cashew chicken stew

And that last one is whole 30/paleo chicken Marsala and for some reason it will  not let me link the recipe! Just believe me it was delicious! All my salads and breakfasts for the 1st 3 days of the week are all done and I roasted the spaghetti squash so it would be ready at any moments notice! I love that stuff because you really can serve anything you want with it!

And to ensure we always have a little something sweet on hand BUT healthy, I made up Home made cookie dough Lara bars and used the brand, Enjoy Life, vegan chocolate chips!


And just when you think I cook gourmet all the time here is a glimpse to real life dinners at our house!! Meatless hot dogs and avocado!!


If you need a book to read, look no further and order it NOW! It took me just a week to get through this book and I am pretty sure I cried through each chapter and maybe even each page. Whether your life looks perfect or you are struggling with something you need to read this book! You will be so encouraged and even learn something. Thank you Lysa for sharing so much of your heart with us! And what is better than hanging out with a hot cup of a coffee and turning pages of an amazing book! If you have a good book recommendation for me, I am looking for my next read for February!


I hope you have had a wonderful start to your week!! Happy Monday night!! We are one day closer to Friday!!! Keep going, you got this!



The New Year is here and has been for 11 days now! I made it through a full week back to work, it does help I only work 4 days a week but still!! I have lost my Christmas-New Years pudge, because lets be real its all fun and games until you put your scrubs on and they are a little tooooo tight!!! Its all about dedication, sticking with it, even when its not easy, accountability and filling our bodies with proper nutrition. Its not about starving yourself, jumping on a fad diet to lose it quickly and then gain it all back but it’s about a lifestyle change! I will always promote being strong and healthy! I am not perfect, I do not eat perfectly BUT I will always try my best. And when I fail, I realize it and shape up!

So if you find yourself making the same New Years resolution year after year, try making it a lifestyle change this time around so you can start focusing on other things!

My meal plan for the week and it kept us on track!

Breakfast: Egg cups, breakfast sausage and fruit. I made everything ahead of time and had it all in the fridge ready to grab each morning!

Lunches: Salads. I love salads because again I can make them all ahead of time and pop then in the fridge and they are ready to go for the week! Let’s be real. . . Its all about prep. If I did not prep the salads at the beginning of the week we would have eaten out every lunch this week and that is not acceptable.

Dinner: Rotisserie Chicken take-out- times 2 (again super simple) and steamed veggies, chicken on the grill(it was all marinated and ready to go) with steamed asparagus, and Basil chicken crock pot with roasted tri-color potatoes.

That empty continer was this recipe of  Crab salad

My hubs said it was his favorite lunch this week and I think I would have to agree with him! It was something different, healthy and delicious! It might just make it to the weekly lunch menu! And the Basil Chicken recipe is always a winner! Its super easy and its a crock pot recipe! The crock pot is still one of my most used kitchen tools and one of my favorites! It really makes life easier!

I want to know. . .whose celery juicing?? My bestie, Lindsay, has us on a roll! I have jumped on the band wagon! I will admit, I am not up to the 16 ounces a day, YET! She sent this to us the other day and its just a little insight on how good this green juice is for you!

I started the year off at the dentist. . . Did you know almonds could break a tooth?!!!  Thank God it was a quick and honestly pain-free visit to the dentist! Before I went, I numbed up my gums with clove, put franc on the roof of my mouth to prevent any germs or infections, rolled lavender on my jaw line and wrists to keep me calm and used the manuka honey on the back of my neck!! I was in good shape once that dentist came in! I was able to take just a half dose of the lidocaine and when the needle was inserted in my gum I never felt it because of the numbing from the clove! AND the dentist said I would be sore and tender for about 48 hours and since the minute I jumped out of the chair I have not had one symptom! Thank God for natural healing elements!! And the dentist always knows how to make you look glamorous!!

Surround yourself with a TRIBE!


I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!! And remember if you try any recipes please let me know! And if you have any questions never hesitate to reach out!!