Seven Years!!

Two weeks ago we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary! If you do not know how Vin and I met, let me tell you- one word: E-harmony!! After I saw my best friend fall in love and get married she convinced me that I should try it and I did and what do they say “The rest is history”! We e-mailed daily for 4 weeks and finally we talked on the phone. By the time we talked on the phone, I truly felt like I already knew him! We went on our 1st date 1/2011, engaged 11 months later(on top of the Empire State Building) and married 5 months later on 4/6/2012! Instead of doing gifts, we always try to get away for our anniversary! Be booked a hotel right on the water and it was amazing! We walked everywhere and enjoyed coffee in the morning right on the water! I got to run on the beach, we walked and had ice cream for lunch and we walked to dinner! We got to sit out on the balcony and enjoy reminiscing and dreaming about what lies ahead, all while we enjoyed the salty air and the crashing waves! If you live in NC and want a great beach, go visit Ocean Isle!

And just another reason why I love BondiBand As soon as I am done running I throw it in the shower and hang them to dry!! They keep all the sweat out and stink free! Go and get yourself 1 or 2 or 3 and use code: RUNCUCURUN for a discount!

And if you like shopping local as much as I do, you need to head over to Angie’s Facebook page or Instagram and buy a pair of her earrings, necklace or bracelets! You can find her stuff Here


I think one of the reasons I love grocery shopping is because I get to see what is new in the store! I could spend hours in a grocery store!! This past weekend, I found these at Aldi’s! They also had sea salt ones but I was missing cheez-its so I thought this would curve my craving!


And these 3 meals this week included: a one sheet pan dinner, mashed cauliflower with spinach and mushrooms and these delicious lettuce wraps that included turkey, carrots and apple slices inside of them.

And if you have not started following Dada eats you need to, like NOW! I have made so many gluten free banana brads and this one is by far the BEST!!


As we enter into Easter, I hope you have a beautiful weekend and with all the fun Easter brings, lets not forget the true reason we celebrate Easter!


When life gives you lemons. . .

pray they are LuLu!! When your hubs takes you away and you find a LULU outlet!!! Not sure I have ever been this excited about an outlet! If you ever find yourself in the Myrtle Beach area, Go to this outlet!IMG_0043

A few travel essentials: essential oils and my gym clothes!! I make sure I have my sleep blend, onguard and deep blue. Deep blue is amazing for any type of aches and pains or headaches. The sleep blend is amazing for a peaceful sleep. I get right to the hotel and spray our sheets and pillows. The onguard is great to take because when you are in a different environment you never know what germs you are going to come in contact with! That little essential oils bag is perfect for all my oils, thank you Kirs!!!

Coming home from weekend trip, I always make sure meals are ready to go. The last thing I want to do is have to unpack, do laundry and meal prep. I usually will shop the day before we leave and prep at least 2-3 meals for the following week and get snacks ready in the fridge!

I made my 1st vegan alfredo sauce and it came out delicious, even the hubs approved! Broccoli Casserole I like casseroles for the week because we can get 2-3 meals out of it!

Asparagus, eggs and bacon is another one of our favorites! I hard boil the eggs at the beginning of the week  and throw them in the fridge. This time I had asparagus that I needed to use so I steamed them quickly and put them in the freezer and pulled them out for this meal! All I had to do when I got home was cook the bacon! And I make a honey dijon sauce to go on top!!

Then easy peas-y peanut sauce shrimp and zucchini. Another quick meal. I actually did this when I got home and it took 20 minutes, including making the sauce!

Two of my snack ideas for the week: turkey pepperoni and pineapple & celery with vegan cream cheese and everything bagel seasoning! I got both the vegan cream cheese and the everything seasoning from Trader Joe’s!

I love working out on vacation. Whether its hitting the indoor gym or getting to run outside, its such a fun time to see more of the area! This was our view in Wilmington!! And what a charming area!

And hubs and I got to experience a little of the beach ourselves!! Again, make sure you are doing things to relax and rejuvenate, we all need it!

Happy Tuesday!! Hope you are staying warm, if you are in Charlotte! This past weekend we were in flip flops and today we are in boots. . . yup the sky dropped some snow on us! Enjoy the rest of your week!! This weekend we will be celebrating our SEVENTH wedding anniversary!!!!!