Everything but the Kitchen sink. . .

When I make a salad, I make a salad and include anything and everything! I love my salads loaded with goodness and lots of wholesome ingredients. I like to cook up extra protein so its quick to grab and cut up and throw on my salad. I have been making quinoa and storing in the fridge for a quick side or in this instance, I added it to my salad. Yum and it kept me full for hours! How do you like your salads??


One of the things I do when I get home from the grocery is clean and wash all veggies and fruits so its ready to go for the week. Believe me, if I just throw them in the fridge they will sit there all week and end up in the trash!


I think I have found my favorite tool. . . I have been cooking non-stop on the grill and this grill basket is amazing! I marinated a bunch of shrimp, threw them on here and grilled them. SOOOO GOOD! Grilled Shrimp

Another grilled meal. . . chicken thighs and Zucchini fries I was scared to death to do chicken thighs on the grill. I was afraid of either over cooking or under cooking them. I researched different recipes, read different techniques and finally bit the bullet and tried it. I now make them every Tuesday night!! I get the grill super hot, 500 degrees, put the skin side down for about 6 minutes or until crispy, turn all burners off except for one and I turn that one down to low, flip the chicken over and let it cook, undisturbed for about 30 minutes.

Can we talk about Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms for a sec. If you are a vegetarian/vegan these are a MUST! I like meat but I could live without it. These are like a juicy steak!

And another vegetarian/vegan meal Cauliflower and Chick Peas This would be great as a main dish and you can always add meat to it if you wanted or it would be good as a side dish also!

And I am at a 20 mile week already!! My new miles started on Thursday and will go until tomorrow! Thursday I started the new week with 6 miles. I did not eat before I started but I knew I would need something at mile 4 then again at the end. I LOVE honey packets as my boost! I had one honey packet at mile 4 then had the applesauce at the end of mile 6 and lots of water!!

What do you like to have when you run? I think everyone is different and over the years I have found honey packets to be the best for me.

And we took a day trip, with our sweet friends, to Greenville, SC! Who would have thought that G’ville would attract so many?!? Its such a cute downtown. One of our favorite restaurants is The Lazy Goat. The location is amazing and the food, well lets just say we ALWAYS order the truffle fries! Then we got ice cream at Spill the Beans to keep us cool and picnicked in the park and watched Romeo and Juliet! Get there for one of the Shakespeare in the Park plays, such a fun date day!


Its Tuesday, most of you have a 4 day work week, I have 3!! You know how it rolls at my office, we only work Mon-Thurs!!!! Enjoy the rest of your week!


And remember, if you ever try a recipe I have made please let me know what you think of it!!


2 thoughts on “Everything but the Kitchen sink. . .

  1. Lindsay says:

    The stuffed mushroom recipe looks incredible. I think I need to add this to the grocery list for this weekend! How in the world did you find a job where you only work 4 days a week? I am fortunate to work from home but we definitely work 5 days a week! 🙂


  2. runcucu says:

    Hi Lindsay!! YES make those mushrooms!! They are SOOO good! And I work for a Chiro and we work Mon-Thurs!!! Three day weekend every week!! I know I am so fortunate!! But working from home would be pretty nice also:-) Enjoy your weekend!


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