Thirty minutes in 30 Days

Who is still getting in 30 minutes of movement?! If you have missed a day, don’t worry, just keep going! I have been taking daily walks at lunch! Remember, it doesn’t always mean you have to hit the gym! Do 30 minutes of something you enjoy! Yes, I walked to UPS one day to get my 30 minutes in! And that view of the Biltmore is just beautiful! We had such a great day in Asheville with Best Friends and exploring the Biltmore and the grounds in a different way than we had before!

Strength before Cardio and I actually felt better running my 5 miles!


Soup season and all the warm foods have arrived in our home!

I am obsessed with warm grain bowls. I made my own after spending $10 on one. I filled mine with kale, quinoa and roasted root veggies!

This soup needs to be made by you this week! And we topped it with pesto!

I had some chicken that I needed to cook up, so I made this quick and delicious Chicken

and MAKE the sauce!!

Snack attack! Sometimes I am just too hungry to dump my yogurt in a bowl! I just measure and eat!! Make these for breakfast Pumpkin Oatmeal squares

And this sweet tool made me so happy when I had to peel a bunch of apples for Apple Crisp!

And when your hubs tells you there is potluck at work, so you whip up These


And for those of you who think I would never take an antibiotic, well here is proof! Just finished my last dose a couple days ago and immediately jumped on my probiotic!! For 15 days, I pushed through and did everything natural. By day 15, I was doubled over in pain, that is when I knew it was time! I gave it my best with everything natural and even continued all my oils and natural remedies while on the antibiotic. Sometimes they are needed! I made sure I ate lots of yogurt, continued with oils and jumped right on my probiotic!

Happy Wednesday from the Artic!! I am loving all this cooler weather the South is getting, lets hope it stays this way!

Be Kind. Do something good for someone this week. Make a meal and bake some cookies!


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