Not only a New Year but a New Decade!!

Christmas has come and gone and we are on the 5th day of a New Year and Decade! I would love to know, do you make New Year resolutions? I like looking back on the previous year and seeing what I can improve on from different goals I set for myself and then make a resolution to be more consistent. Also, I like picking a word for the year, that is something I started doing about 2 years ago. My WORD this year is REVEAL. I have so much to say about that word but that will be for another post!

A few running goals for the 1st half of 2019: Keep my Achilles from rupturing so I can successfully continue training and run the NYC 1/2 in March! And you know it’s training season when your all wrapped up with KT tape!

We had Christmas parties, birthday parties and lots of family time this Christmas season, I could not have asked for a better ending to a year!

And it was filled with delicious foods! Pretty sure we ate our way through from Christmas Eve to New Years Day! And I had another successful baking year!! Do you bake for Christmas or over the holidays?!? One thing I love making are Charcuterie boards! And that loaf at the bottom, is Copy Cat Starbucks Gingerbread loaf MAKE IT!!

And there is always room on the shoe shelf for fur sneakers!!!

Happy 2020!!!! What are you up to this year?! Let’s do this!!!


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