19 and counting. . .

Sounds like a TV show, right?!?! That is the weight my hubs and I have lost so far together on WHOLE 30! When we started Whole 30 2 weeks ago, we are going on week 3 tomorrow, we had much more in mind then just some extra weight we have been lugging around. We wanted to cleanse our bodies. Yes, we eat clean most of the time but we knew we could get better. It was time to cut out excess sugar, carbs, grains and dairy. So I opened up the Whole 30 book and started the list. What could we eat. I did not focus on what we could not eat, that is just down right depressing! I knew I was going to have to meal plan and prep to make this successful. I even bought items I never had before, like ghee! So in the past couple weeks we have already seen changes: sleep is better, we never wake up bloated, more energy, my miles are better, I crave my exercise because I am really starting to shed fat, our clothes are looser, we are more confident in our skin, our skin is glowing and we have lost some pounds!! Our cravings have disappeared. We have eaten out once and we grabbed whole 30 approved salads. This is the new way of living! Does it make you want to jump on board?!? Maybe it will after you see the recipes I have made. This is a true lifestyle change. Its not a quick fix, its hard but its worth it! And the best thing about it, we are not starving ourselves! We eat REAL food.

Egg roll in a bowl, crock pot chicken served over cabbage mix,  pesto shrimp with spaghetti squash & veggie fajitas served over cauliflower rice


Lunches have been salads. At the beginning of the week I cut up all our arugula and kale and put it in a big bowl for the week. Then I just have to throw some in a container and add all our additional items to it! I also cook up a bunch of chicken and have veggies all cut up to quickly throw the salad together. Another thing that I have changed is using bottled dressings and condiments. Home made mayo:


If you have read any of my blogs you know I have an obsession, a healthy one, with essential oils. Last weekend I got a little too much Vitamin D. I found an after sun spray that I wanted from Nordstrom that was $20. I checked the ingredients and duplicated for less than half!!! I filled the glass spritzer bottle with the witch hazel and added 10 drops of each EO. Not even aloe gave me this much relief! I carried it with me all week and spritzed it on as I needed it!


I would say 99% of my running is done on the treadmill but on Friday I decided to take it to the track! I packed on the sunscreen, I use blue lizard, and hit the track for 4 miles. If you really want to sweat, run when its 94 degrees out and over 60% humidity!!! Two of my miles were done in these!!! I showed up not prepared!


Hope you had a great weekend! Please share with me what you did! Have you ever done Whole 30?! If so, I would love to hear your experiences! Hope you have a great week and I will see you back here in about 2 weeks!

Recipes (some I have adapted as needed to be Whole 30 compliant):






Conventional vs. Non-conventional

Before I talk about medicine let talk about a few fun things. . .so I took some time off from running and mixed it up with spinnning classes. I took some classes at Cycle bar. The cool thing about this place is that they incorporate weights in with cycling. I did a full week of intense classes. I definitely saw a difference in my body by the end of the week. I think that just means that I need to focus more on incorporating different exercises and classes in with my running. So that is my plan starting Monday! A few other things about cycle bar: the music is amazing, it really keeps you going, the instructors are motivating, they give you water bottles, a towel and even spinning shoes. They clean them after each person, don’t worry!!! Just some of my water bottles from my week!!!


Since moving to Charlotte we have not ventured too much into SC but we decided to take a drive to the Zentrum (BMW factory) and then drove into Greenville. Downtown Greenville is gorgeous.  We found a beautiful park to hang out at and ate at the Lazy Goat, phenomenal!!

And I think we started a new tradition. . . Vin and his sister have the same birthday and 6 years apart, funny, right?!!! I thought it would be nice to do something different. We all ventured out to Lake Norman State Park and grilled out for the day. It was perfect! We were right by the lake, had our own private grill and just enjoyed the day! And you can’t go to a picnic and not bring deviled eggs!

Now fast forward to this past week and today. .  . I have been in bed sick since I walked in the door on Thursday night. On Thursday my throat was killing me, like to the point where I could not swallow. I got adjusted and acupuncture before I left the office and I felt immediate relief. But I knew I needed to get some “medicine” in me for some relief. I immediately climbed into bed, got the diffuser going with on guard and lathered my feet with pure frankincense. I was miserable all night long. All I truly wanted was something to take away the pain. See in our house we have chosen to do all non-conventional/integrative medicine. So what does that really mean??  Dr. Andrew Weil says it best “Integrative medicine is healing-oriented medicine that takes account of the whole person (body, mind, and spirit), including all aspects of lifestyle. It emphasizes the therapeutic relationship and makes use of all appropriate therapies, both conventional and alternative.” There are not many people I would like to meet in life but Dr. Andrew Weil is one of them! I know weird. So many people want to meet celebrities and I am over here wanting to meet a doctor!! Check out his website when you have some time. So these have been my “drugs” over the last few days!! I constantly gargled with pink Himalayan salt and warm water to ease my throat pain, ran the diffuser non stop, made a hot concocscion with apple cider vinegar and warm water, this has been my drink of choice morning, noon and night, lathered my feet and wrists in pure frankincense and made a steam room in our bathroom and sprinkled peppermint to help clear my sinuses.

And for food, well not much sounded good to me besides popsicles and pho, extra spices to help clear the sinuses! So that is what I have been living on, for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!

I think I can finally say I am on the mend. Good thing because I am not sure how much longer I can be confined to the house! I am ready to be outside, exercising and back to life. I miss doing the laundry, dishes and grocery shopping, yes my hubby has been doing it all!! He is a KEEPER!!

Hope you have a great rest of your weekend! Let me know what you are doing while I continue to heal!! Hopefully my next blog will be about yummy recipes and some exercise! XO




Carbs vs Carb-less

When I 1st started this blog, I stated that I would not talk about dieting or about being skinny. That is not what life is about. If you are like me, life is surrounded by food. Its then that you have to make the conscious effort to make healthy choices. I am the 1st to admit that I do not always make the healthiest choices. My excuse when I eat something “unhealthy”, I will run it off!! But really food effects my running. So the past few weeks Vin and I have the made the conscious decision to cut some carbs out of our diet. In reality, we really do not need them. I began researching foods, even more then I do already. Then around that,  I meal planned and here are some of the foods we have been eating!! All the recipes will be at the bottom. I challenge you to read labels and know what you are digesting.

One pan Salmon fajitas. I marinated all that together and threw it on a pan and cooked it! Served it over salads as leftovers for lunches. Cauliflower fried rice and steamed asparagus with hard boiled egg and bacon!

Can we talk about the egg roll in a boll instead of the chicken that is next to it! The chicken I just marinated and baked, served with veggies. BUT this egg roll in a bowl was the jam!! We took one bite and said. . . WOW this really tastes like an egg roll. But without the frying of the shell and its gluten free and very low carbs!! That will definitely be a do over this week!!MAKE IT, you will not be disappointed!!


Baking is truly my thing. I could do it everyday and just give it all away! There is just something about putting on my apron, measuring out the flour and using my big red mixer that brings joy to my heart. So I was filled with excitement when my sweet and dear friend asked me to be part of a bake sale. This is not any bake sale, this was to raise money for a cure. A cure for cancer. Cancer sucks so I will do anything to help find a cure. If it means getting to bake then I am all over it. So I made 1 dozen peanut butter filled chocolate cupcakes and 1 dozen regular chocolate cupcakes! Let’s find a cure!!!!

And now on to running. .  . I had a patient come in to my office the other day, handed me this and said “I was reading the paper this morning and spotted someone I knew”!!! Yup, thats me!!! 13.1 crazy miles!!


I run to stay healthy! Its my time! And yes, I wear my bibs on my thigh!! Also, do you see something?? I am the crazy northerner that can handle the “frigid” temps here in Charlotte!! HAHA!! It was a whopping 40 degrees and there I am in my tank while everyone else is bundled up!!! Find what you love to do and do it! Its good for you!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Its going to be hot here so you will find me lounging by the pool all weekend!








My Partner in crime!!!!

Guess who has been at the gym with me??!!! Yup, my hubby! He even joined me on the treadmill today. Thank God because I forgot my phone to jam out to!! He kept me occupied and took a picture!! LOL I know this might be weird but I always wanted to see what I look like when I run!! So here is a good laugh:-) These past 2 weeks I have focused more on my time than miles. So I have done shorter miles, 3-5 per run, and focused more on my time. I go through phases when I am more concerned about time than distance then when I get into race mode, I am more focused on my mileage. Also, with my little change and running hard it has made me practice my breathing so much more. These past 2 weeks have been great! I am feeling stronger and faster!


If you have been following me for some time, you know I always like to be prepared. I always have some type of snack with me, in my purse or in my car. Yes, I keep snacks in my glove compartment!! You never know when I am going to get struck by the HANGRY bug! I love to buy the big container of unsalted mixed nuts from Costco and measure out a 1/4 cup and make snack size baggies. We take these to work for a snack and I keep then on hand!


This past week I made a home made dressing and enchilada sauce. Everytime I make my own condiments, I always wonder why I still at times by the stuff in the bottle. Even the organic condiments have junk in them. So do yourself a favor and make this dressing or even the enchilada sauce! Both are filled with simple ingredients and taste amazing!! The dressing is an avocado dressing. I switched a few of the spices that the recipe calls for, for the ones I had on hand and it came out just as yummy, if not better! You know I can’t follow a recipe to the “T”!

Favorite meal of the week: GF crock pot lasagna! When you look at the recipe it will call for ricotta cheese, I subbed it out and used cottage cheese! A little healthier and still just as good.

I made these home made tuna burgers and we ate them over salad for lunch with the home made dressing. And also, I love to cook with spaghetti squash. Such a great choice and goes with anything. I love that I can pair it with almost anything.

We closed the office on Thursday and I did 2 fun things. You know your a runner when. . . You go and try on different running shoes!! I am sold on the Asics Kayano 23’s but I think I am holding out for the Kayano Lite-show! Anyone reading have a pair?? Please tell me what you think.  And if anyone from Asics is reading this, please feel free to send me a pair to try out!!!!!! I promise I will do a full blog about them! HAHAH! Also, I had a gift card for Lululemon so I went and spent some time there and got a few new things! Love when I wait for their stuff to go on clearance!

I hope you enjoy what is left of the weekend. Spend time with those you love, cook something delicious and enjoy!!!  Vin and I are heading into doing no carbs for a while, we just need to re-boot. So stay tuned for how I am feeling and some great running and recipes!!

Thanks for taking time to read!! XOXO










Cleaning and Cooking. . .

Happy Easter!!! What a beautiful day it has been! My hubby and I went to church and enjoyed such a wonderful service! So thankful that we have found a church that we can call home! These are the times I want all my family to live within driving distance, the holidays. I MISS them like crazy but I know we will all live in the same state one of these years!! Just have to keep twisting their arm:-) MOM I hope you are reading this!!! But we had a beautiful afternoon at my in-laws with the whole family!    And thank God for FaceTime! There was a little petting zoo at church so you know I had to get involved in that! Now I want a little duck!!! And that dish was Lamb!!! Easter dinner done right by my fabulous Italian MIL!!!

Can we talk about cleaning for a few minutes?! Do you love it or hate it?? I have mixed feelings about it! Well, truly deep down inside I want a cleaning lady!!! HAHA!   That is on my wish list! I do love the feeling after my house is clean but the process is SO time consuming! But if I have to do it, I am going to go as natural as possible. So I have started making my own cleaning solution and its wonderful and cheaper!! All you need is: clean spray bottle, essential oil (I used tea tree oil), baking soda, white vinegar and water. I mixed all that together and away I went. I did a DEEP clean this time around which involved cleaning the oven. PLEASE never use the self clean on your oven. It releases so many toxins into your home. I took out the racks and placed them in the tub with hot water with soap and baking soda and let them sit for 2 hours and they came out sparkling!! They look brand new! And for the oven, I made a baking soda paste with water and put that all over the inside off the oven and let it sit for 12 hours. Let’s say, our oven looks wonderful and so does our house!

Ok back to my favorite thing. . .  Cooking!!! Well this past week my hubby did this delicious meal!! Spaghetti squash and his home made sauce! I love subbing spaghetti squash for regular spaghetti! You are getting so many nutrients and no carbs! Cut the squash length wise and clean out the seeds and some of the stringy stuff and rub it with olive oil and spices, flip it over so the skin side is up and bake at 400 for about 40 minutes. When its done flip it over and let it cool then take it all out with a fork! Yes, it comes out like spaghetti!!

Meal prep: roasted potatoes with eggs and avocado, tilapia over salad and veggies and meatloaf cups with roasted potatoes. These are all meals I prepped ahead of time so I would not be stuck doing it when I got home from work. If you have followed my blog for some time now, you know I live on meal prepping. It has saved our budget big time and saves so much time during the week. My hubs and I are exhausted when we get home so I want to make sure that all we have to do is pop it in the oven!! And I stay very basic with meals during the week!!

Now for the most important: RUNNING!!! You know I can’t leave you without letting you know how my miles went!!  Well I had some early morning runs(LOL) this past week!! And I can’t live without this stuff!!!


And can I leave you with one more amazing food picture and recipe?!!!! This lemon pie was a HIT!!! And I made it with vanilla wafers for the crust instead of graham crackers!!


I hope you had a wonderful weekend and Buon Pasqua!!!! See you next time for some more fun!!!  Come and chat with me!!!




Rewind of my 8k. . .

What an amazing morning!!! I could not have asked for better weather. You know when you go to sign up for a race you never know what the weather is going to be like that day. I have only had rain on one race day! So lets keep it that way! I ate a 1/4 c up of Noosa coconut yogurt and an energy ball. If you have never tried Noosa yogurt, do yourself a favor and pick up a container. Its like a healthy dessert!! And now Costco sells the small cups of it!!! We got to the race around 7:15. I like to be early so I can change into my running shoes and just mentally prepare. The gun went off at 8AM and off I went. Because I do ALL my training on a treadmill I never really know how my body is going to do with outdoor running. So I knew I had 5 miles ahead of me and my goal was to cross the finish line in 49 minutes. I hit some pretty hard hills but I pushed forward with them and crossed the finish line in 47 minutes. This race took us through the older part of Charlotte, called Elizabeth. It was so fun to see all the neighbors out, cheering us on. My miles went like this:

Mile 1: 9 min 26 sec, Mile 2: 8 min 58 sec, Mile 3: 8 min 53 sec, and Mile 4 into 5: 9 min 38 sec. So the last couple hills definitely took my pace down but I was very happy with the end results!!!

That smile was when I saw my hubby at the finish line and I saw my time!!! I was so happy, as you can see!! Post race breakfast: GF Udi’s everything bagel with 1 piece of bacon, scrambled eggs(1 egg & 2 egg whites) topped with a little kale pesto!


A few of my favorites this week: Kale pesto (I made this just as I normally would if I had basil but I had a ton of kale from my sweet friend and subbed kale for the basil). Such amazing flavor! Kale salad with sweet potatoes and roasted Brussels sprouts. Can you tell I have been on a kale kick!! And what a difference garden kale is from the kale you buy in the store. It is so much better!! And my morning smoothie!

Happy Saturday to you and now go and enjoy the rest of your weekend! Time to go eat some sushi!!!! See you next time!!! XOXO

Would you rather. . .

So would you rather run in the morning or at night?? Those are my 2 options when it comes to running. I can either get up at 5:15 AM or go at 6:30 PM. Both are brutal to me. As much as I love running and I love how I feel when I am done, it’s HARD. Its a commitment. Its something I think about constantly. Some thoughts that run through my mind. . . if I do not get up at 5:15, I have to go after work and then I do not get home until 8PM. That is a LONG day. If I go after work, its like therapy to me. I get to run out all that went on during the day BUT if I run in the morning I feel powerful and like I can conquer the world. And if I do not run at all and skip that day, I feel defeated, powerless and like I failed at something. Everyone thinks, Oh you run that is awesome but there is so much more that goes behind it! If you feel defeated with your exercise, know that you are not alone. But stay focused and know that you are stronger than any voice in your head telling you to give up or just quit or just take the day off from exercising. Do not give in. Push yourself a little harder, it will be worth it when you are all sweaty and done! Always the BEST feeling.

I am gearing up for my 1st race of the year! Sponsored by Lineberger Dentistry. If you need a dentist here in Charlotte, do yourself a favor and go to them!!! The BEST!


Do you struggle with what to pack for lunches?? Here are a few ideas:

Deli roll ups were a hit this week along with this kale salad! So as much as I love to eat healthy, I am not one to open a bag of kale and eat it. Its bitter and hard. So I made this salad and let it marinate in the dressing over night and had it for 3 lunches this week. I used tahini paste as my base, added lemon juice, fresh garlic and olive oil. Look for the recipe below and make it!! And 4 great dinner meals that graced our table this week. . .

Shrimp & chicken Jambalaya, Philly cheesesteak stuffed mini peppers, Chicken stroganoff served over quinoa and Spaghetti squash lasagna. All were a hit!!!

Have you ever had cottage cheese served over toast?? This hit the spot after a great work out and these energy balls gave us just the boost we needed!!

Saturday was a long run for me=SEVEN miles and after that the hubs and I went for a couples massage!!!  Nothing like an hour massage after a long run! I filled my body with this smoothie: Almond milk, almond butter, kale, banana and dates!


Well I am going to go and enjoy the snowy day and the fire that is roaring in our fireplace! Have a happy Sunday and a wonderful week!! XOXO

Don’t forget to tell me what you are up to this weekend, any great workouts, yummy recipes or fun activities you have been up to!!!








A Runners High!!!

I have been on a running high since last week. I think I need to truly continue convincing my husband that its a very good idea that I become a stay at home wife!! It is amazing the things in life you get to accomplish. . .amazing runs, hot meals on the table every night, house cleaned, laundry done and put away and some awesome quality time with my sweet friends. I got to meet with 3 sweet, amazing girl friends this week. Its very rare I get to do this during the week. And also catch up on FaceTime and phone calls with my besties!! You see, my boss got married this past weekend and the office has been closed since last Wednesday! I was able to run 45 miles in the past 9 days!! I am looking forward to a little rest tomorrow. I really was not focused on how many miles I was going to do but more focused on my energy and just going to run. I am excited to be back in the office and seeing our patients! But lets see if I can keep this runners high. I will have a report in 2 weeks!

Happy Valentines, by the way!! Did you celebrate?? Well since I was home I cooked and put together a beautiful, candle lit dinner! A few things I love about Valentines at home: no reservations, real candles on the table, a home cooked meal, just me and the hubs, and if we wanted we could eat in our pj’s!! I made Chicken pesto  stuffed spaghetti squash. Recipe is at the bottom.


Some fun at Alino’s Pizzeria. . .

And 2 of my favorite things this week. 1. Why are these shirts with thumb holes the best?? 2. Botox in a bottle. Thank you Amy for both of these!!!!

Everytime I go to Aldi’s I always find something new to try! This past week it was this!! So delicious. I made it with stir fry veggies and a little meat from the Italian ragu sauce my hubby made.


Have you ever been to a Brazilian restaurant?? We have tried a couple different ones and tonight’s date night consisted on going downtown and trying Brazz’s! They are known for their meat and the guys come around with some amazing meats on these long skewers and carve it off right at your table! Whew, meat over load but it was amazing! And they give you these little cards and when you want more you flip it to yes and when you need a break you flip it over to no and the guys know to skip your table!! img_2612

And with all this running this week I think my metabolism has gone crazy. I woke up super early this morning for a quick bowl of lucky charms before finding my way back to bed!!!! img_2611
I hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend!! loved cacthing up! XOXO




When life gives you Basil. . .

Kate Spade says its perfectly, “When life gives you lemons, make limoncello”.  But being Italian and married to one, I like the phrase, “When life gives you basil, make pesto”!!! And that is exactly what I did. If you have been reading my blog for sometime you know that I have a passion to work out and a passion for cooking. I meal prep at the beginning of each week to make the work week much easier. I like to have a plan and have everything in order. BUT life does not always go that way. We learned that this past week. You see, sometimes being by your family’s side is much more important than running or meal prep. You have to forget about the daily routines of life and remember what is the most important and that is family. I would have never wished for the circumstances that brought us all together in one room but I am beyond thankful for our jobs that allowed us to drop all our responsibilities and go. We focused on life and how precious it truly is.

We were able to grab some amazing basil from my favorite Italian produce market, Padula’s. If you are ever near Padula’s market go and get some great produce!!

I did get some prep done last week and some great miles in. I am excited to get right back to running and Dad, soon enough you will be running right with me!! And don’t forget to stock up on some fun running accessories at Bondi band and use my discount code for a discount. I love that their accessories make my running much easier.

The 1st meal was a  breakfast dish. I took some tri-color baby potatoes and sautéed them and added breakfast chicken sausage, peppers and kale. I ate it either plain or if I wanted an egg I could add that on one of the mornings. Its so quick to do this up and have it for the week! Both dinner meals were fantastic and I prepped them on Sunday and cooked them on the night that was planned for. It was so easy to come home from the gym and just have to throw the pan in the oven . Both recipes are at the bottom. Let me know if you try and of them!!!

I have had this food processor for at least 10 years and I have never used any of the other attachments. I love Brussels sprouts but I get tired of always roasting them. I used the shredding attachment and made a Brussel sprout salad with bacon, cranberries, nuts and purple onion and a little olive oil. This is a great side item to any main dish or you can eat it as a meal.

So last weekend my hubby and I looked at each other and we asked the question. . . What do 30-something year olds do in Charlotte?!?! We went bowling for a date night and had so much fun!!! Go and check out Piedmont Social house.


Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Be kind and don’t forget to spend time with the ones you love!!

Buon Appetito! XOXO






Got Bondi?

So you ask what is a Bondi Band?!?! Well let me tell you. . .Bondi Band is a company that sells great quality exercise/running accessories. Anything from headbands, to armbands, to compression socks and tie backs. They have accessories for men, women and kids. I first discovered their line at my 1st half marathon over 8 years ago. I never thought in a million years that I would come across them again at another half marathon, make another purchase(the best armband) and then become an ambassador for them!! I am so excited to wear and promote their products. It takes a lot for me to promote something but their products are the best. You can get yours today and you can get a discount on your order. So come and browse and use the code for your discount!! If you want to know what to get. . . Make sure you get a headband, I like the thick ones, and the armbands. And look at all the fun colors and designs. You never have to worry about them getting stinky because you can hand wash them and there is no velcro. That is ultimately what sold me!!! The link and code are at the bottom. So scroll on down! After you buy, come back and let me know what you get!

Back to Basics:

Can we talk about eating out vs. cooking at home. For the last 5 days I can finally say we did not eat out and I feel AMAZING. I meal prepped over the weekend and made sure meals were ready and we were going to have leftovers for lunch. I felt better all week, had more energy and my running improved. WHY you ask??? Well, when you eat out you never truly know all the ingredients going into your food. Think of all the extra sodium and that feeling you get after eating. So bloated and just sluggish, unless you are ordering kale! And we all know, you nor I are not ordering kale at dinner!! And because we did not eat out, I knew axactly what was in each dish and with every bite, I felt great. oh yes, its convenient to eat out and sometimes it’s cheaper, especially in our case. But do yourself and family a favor and cook a little more at home and see how you feel. Here are some yummy and healthy recipes I made this past week. Not only do I approve of them but my hubby does too!!!!

Breakfast cups. So easy to just grab from the fridge, heat and go.

Recipe: 12 eggs scrambled (6 whole eggs & 6 egg whites). Sautée onion and garlic with any veggies you want. I did broccoli and kale. Once cooked throw into the scrambled eggs. Grease your muffin tin and place a piece of bacon in the cups and fill with egg mixture. Bake at 375 for about 20 minutes. Enjoy for the week. I actually used these as a mid morning breakfast. I ate oats with blueberries for breakfast each morning and around 1130 had one of these.

Baked honey mustard chicken with roasted potatoes served over arugula & Cauliflower “rice” burrito bowls.

For the chicken, I cleaned and marinated it on Sunday so it was ready to cook one of the nights for salads. I also marinated the potatoes in olive oil and onions. They soaked the flavor right up and roasted them at 400 until done and threw all that over arugula. Burrito bowls served over cauliflower rice= you get the rice texture but not the carbs and you get an overload of veggie servings. I pulled the cauliflower apart and threw it in my food processor until it was of rice texture. Threw it in a pan and sauted it in coconut oil until cooked, about 5-6 minutes. That was my base and then I layered with grass-fed beef, black beans and corn, tomoatoes, avocado and a little sour cream.

Tuna burgers served over veggies:


Tell me what you are cooking this week and if you try any of these recipes.

I hope you are having a wonderful 2017 so far and I look forward to spending this year with you!!!

Bondi Band link and discount code:


Discount code: RUNCUCURUN



The only thing I changed was the bread. I used gluten free bread crumbs.

Buon Appetito!! XO